Elyon Grade 2 Study Kits

Exercises, Mock Exams, and Study Guides for Practice at Home

We are creating exercises, mock exams, and study guides to help your kids practice their knowledge and understanding of the selected topics in preparation for their school exams. Currently we have:

  • Study Guides for Bahasa Indonesia -- Kata/Kalimat Tanya
  • Study Guides for English -- Neighborhood, Jobs, and more
  • Study Guides for Science -- Living Things and their Environment
  • Study Guides for PKn -- Bab 1

By joining our membership program:

  • Your kids receive exercises that are designed specifically to match the scope of the school exams,
  • Your kids focus on learning and mastering the materials within the scope of learning as outlined by the school,
  • You will no longer need to create your own exercises to prepare your kids for their exams, and
  • You will have more time to accompany their learning processes instead.

Make sure you enter in your email address in the registration form. We will send you the sample exercises to your email address. By registering, you also agree to pay the membership fee of Rp 200.000/month. We will send you the payment details in a separate email.

Thank you.

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