2048: Strategy to Get 4096 Tile in the Game

I’m sure you still remember Threes, a fun (and addictive) number puzzle game for the iPhone. The app was a great success on the App Store, even reaching the top spot for paid iPhone apps.

Soon afterwards, many people created their own versions of the game -- one of the most popular being 2048. It started as a free browser game, but quickly transformed into a free iPhone app with ads. It’s been the #1 free iPhone app for a few days now.

2048: Strategy to Get 4096 Tile in the GameThe new version of 2048 allows you to continue playing even after you reach the 2,048 tile.

How to Play

2048 has a gameplay similar to Threes. It uses numbered tiles, and will combine two tiles with the same number into a tile of their sum. You play the game until you unlock the 2,048 tile or until the 4x4 board is filled with tiles. The recent update to this app allows you to continue playing after you reach the 2,048 tile.

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Monument Valley: Game Review and Playing Tips

Have you ever seen drawings of buildings that are geometrically impossible? If you’re familiar with the works of M.C. Escher, you’d know that these are optical illusions. But, what if there’s a game that brings these impossible architectures to life and let you explore them inside out?

That’s exactly what Monument Valley is about. In this brand new puzzle game from ustwo, you explore stunning and seemingly impossible architectures by finding the hidden paths that run through them.

Monument Valley has beautiful illustrations for all its chapters.

Change Your Perspectives to Transform the Platforms

In Monument Valley, you control a silent character called Princess Ida. Simply tap on a location where you want her to go, and she will find the way -- granted that there are no obstacles along the way.

But, it would not be a puzzle game if all the locations are easily accessible. Instead, the game is filled with unreachable locations which require you to find the hidden paths that lead to them. This involve rotating big wheels, stepping on platforms, or dragging movable platforms to alter the buildings around you. Also, most of the time you will have to change your perspectives so two disconnected platforms become one connected path for Ida to walk through.

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Doggins: A Charming Gateway for Kids to Enjoy Puzzle Adventure Games

One of the genres I enjoy playing the most is Puzzle Adventure games. One of my favourite games in this genre is The Secret of Monkey Island 2. I had a lot of fun playing it on my first desktop PC more than two decades ago.

Now as a parent, I’ve always wanted to share my love of games to my kids. That’s why I was happy when David Condolora asked me to play his latest creation: Doggins, a charming tap-and-swipe puzzle adventure suitable for playing with your kids.

The game starts with a party invitation from a mischievous squirrel.

Live the Dream of Oliver Doggins

A cute orange terrier, Oliver Doggins Condolora, goes to sleep one night and wakes up to find that his house has launched itself into space. He lands on the moon, where a mischievous-looking squirrel drops him an invitation to a party.

As it turns out, the squirrel plots to reverse the history of human inventions, and it is up to Doggins (and you) to stop him. In order to do so, you will direct Doggins find various items in order to solve puzzles and unlock the next parts of the story.

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