Doggins: A Charming Gateway for Kids to Enjoy Puzzle Adventure Games

One of the genres I enjoy playing the most is Puzzle Adventure games. One of my favourite games in this genre is The Secret of Monkey Island 2. I had a lot of fun playing it on my first desktop PC more than two decades ago.

Now as a parent, I’ve always wanted to share my love of games to my kids. That’s why I was happy when David Condolora asked me to play his latest creation: Doggins, a charming tap-and-swipe puzzle adventure suitable for playing with your kids.

The game starts with a party invitation from a mischievous squirrel.

Live the Dream of Oliver Doggins

A cute orange terrier, Oliver Doggins Condolora, goes to sleep one night and wakes up to find that his house has launched itself into space. He lands on the moon, where a mischievous-looking squirrel drops him an invitation to a party.

As it turns out, the squirrel plots to reverse the history of human inventions, and it is up to Doggins (and you) to stop him. In order to do so, you will direct Doggins find various items in order to solve puzzles and unlock the next parts of the story.

For example, as soon as the game begins you must figure out how to make a bow tie for Doggins to wear to the squirrel’s party. The instructions to create a bow tie are written on the back of the invitation, but you still need to find the required items.

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Parents Need to Know

Doggins is the brainchild of David & Brooke Condolora, the husband-and-wife team behind Brain&Brain. The game, which was inspired by their beloved terrier, took two years to complete.

Doggins is a charming minimalist puzzle that relies heavily on visual storytelling rather than text instructions. The game mechanism is simple; there aren’t too many items to carry around or that many screens to navigate. Judging from the game’s difficulty level, I would say kids ages 9+ can already enjoy the game.

A page from the secret sabotage mission book for the squirrels.

Playing Tips

The game is relatively simple and quick to finish. A seasoned adventure gamer should be able to finish it in under 15 minutes. But if you do get stuck, don’t hesitate to ask me for hints on Twitter.

Doggins has four characteristics of puzzle adventure games that you should pay attention to:

  • It uses items to unlock puzzles.
  • Sometimes, you may need to combine two items to create a new item. Simply drag one item on top of another item inside the inventory drawer.
  • You may also need to fiddle with the environment of the game to unlock hidden areas and collect items.
  • There is at least one puzzle where you need to get the timing correctly.

This is a hidden room inside Doggins house. Can you find it?


Doggins is a charming tap-and-swipe puzzle adventure game for the iPad. It has most of the characteristics of a great puzzle adventure game, without being too complicated. Doggins is the perfect gateway game for kids to love the puzzle adventure genre.

Doggins is available for iPad.
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The game was provided for our honest review.