AuroraBound: A Beautiful Puzzler that Families Can Play Together

AuroraBound: A Beautiful Puzzler that Families Can Play Together

Puzzles are a great way to keep the mind sharp and focused. They don't have to be extraordinarily difficult to learn to be engaging; some puzzles, like AuroraBound, are easy to pick up but a lot of fun to solve.

Align the Tiles

The premise of AuroraBound is simple. In each puzzle, you are given a series of tiles with various colors and patterns. Your job is to place these tiles on a grid in such a way that they form a proper pattern. As an added challenge, some tiles can be rotated while others have a fixed orientation, and some tiles can't be moved at all.

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SEMBL is a Relaxing Puzzle Game About Shapes and Colors

SEMBL is a Relaxing Puzzle Game About Shapes and Colors

The best games don't necessarily have to be complicated. It can be simple and easy to learn, yet still providing a challenge for the player. SEMBL, a new app from Artgig Apps, is that kind of game.

Match the Shape and Pattern

SEMBL is a game of replication. When you enter the game, you are presented with a unique design that you must recreate. Using simple touch controls, you can paint, cut, punch, stencil, or spin to transform your initial shape into the design you want.

There are two ways you can play the game: Journey or Challenge. In Journey, you master levels at your own pace, and earn stars by completing designs with the minimum number of possible moves. In Challenge, you try to complete as many designs as possible before the time runs out. Points are then awarded for speed, accuracy, and maxing out the time on the countdown bar.

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Bonza Word Puzzle: Answer Clue-Based Jigsaw Crosswords

In Bonza, you construct a crossword puzzle based on a clue and a set of letter boxes.

Nowadays, I almost never read the newspaper. But I remember poring over the daily crossword puzzles when I was younger. I love how they mix trivia knowledge and hint-based puzzle solving.

Over the past few days, I’ve been enjoying a crossword puzzle game called Bonza Word Puzzle. It is unique in that it shows you a hint and a bunch of letter boxes that you rearrange to construct a valid crossword puzzle.

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Watercolors: The Mind-Painting Puzzle Game - Review and Playing Tips

Many of you are probably familiar with the Red-Green-Blue (RGB) color model used in many electronic systems. But, there is also another model primarily used in painting. Called RYB, it is a color model used in subtractive color mixing. So, if you combine Red and Yellow, you will get Orange. Yellow and Blue will yield Green, and Red and Blue will yield Purple.

Today, I have a brand new game that utilizes this color model as a puzzle mechanic. Called Watercolors, the game lets you paint your way to fill the glowing circles with the indicated colors. The game is simple to learn, yet difficult to master.

Watercolors is a color-mixing puzzle game where players need to paint the glowing circles with their designated colors.

The Gameplay

Watercolors have two game modes. The first mode is Free Play, which is suitable for beginners to grasp the game mechanic. The second is Time Trial, which should present seasoned players with added challenges. If you are new to the game, I would also suggest taking a look at the How to Play section first.

The first level in Free Play, properly called Noob, teaches you how to paint your way from one source to its destination. It’s fairly simple because there is only one color involved. The subsequent levels are more complicated as they introduce multiple colors into the mix.

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2048: Strategy to Get 4096 Tile in the Game

I’m sure you still remember Threes, a fun (and addictive) number puzzle game for the iPhone. The app was a great success on the App Store, even reaching the top spot for paid iPhone apps.

Soon afterwards, many people created their own versions of the game -- one of the most popular being 2048. It started as a free browser game, but quickly transformed into a free iPhone app with ads. It’s been the #1 free iPhone app for a few days now.

2048: Strategy to Get 4096 Tile in the GameThe new version of 2048 allows you to continue playing even after you reach the 2,048 tile.

How to Play

2048 has a gameplay similar to Threes. It uses numbered tiles, and will combine two tiles with the same number into a tile of their sum. You play the game until you unlock the 2,048 tile or until the 4x4 board is filled with tiles. The recent update to this app allows you to continue playing after you reach the 2,048 tile.

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