SEMBL is a Relaxing Puzzle Game About Shapes and Colors

In SEMBL, you try to recreate the design on the screen with as few moves as possible

In SEMBL, you try to recreate the design on the screen with as few moves as possible

The best games don't necessarily have to be complicated. It can be simple and easy to learn, yet still providing a challenge for the player. SEMBL, a new app from Artgig Apps, is that kind of game.

Match the Shape and Pattern

SEMBL is a game of replication. When you enter the game, you are presented with a unique design that you must recreate. Using simple touch controls, you can paint, cut, punch, stencil, or spin to transform your initial shape into the design you want.

There are two ways you can play the game: Journey or Challenge. In Journey, you master levels at your own pace, and earn stars by completing designs with the minimum number of possible moves. In Challenge, you try to complete as many designs as possible before the time runs out. Points are then awarded for speed, accuracy, and maxing out the time on the countdown bar.

Overall, the app has 32 levels and over 190 unique puzzles to keep you challenged. You can find statistics, such as the number of stars collected and high scores, as well as a leaderboard from the game's main screen.

Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that SEMBL is a game designed for grown-ups, but kids will also love it. The gameplay is fairly easy to learn, so older kids who enjoy playing puzzles should be able to pick up the game right away. What's nice is that the app allows you to create more than one user profile, so each player can save their individual progress.

One thing to note is that the app does come with ads that you can remove via a one-time in-app purchase. SEMBL is free to download for iPhone and iPad from the App Store.

Color, cut, stencil, and spin to get the design you want

Color, cut, stencil, and spin to get the design you want

Things I Like

SEMBL is a beautiful game that is almost meditative in nature. The minimalist graphics and the relaxing background music add to the zen quality of the app. The gameplay itself is simple yet addictive. It's the kind of game you can play for five minutes at a time, but if you have more time you wouldn't want to put it down.

Like all good puzzles, SEMBL is deceptively simple. Some solutions are straightforward, while others require you to stop and think for a bit. The gameplay is very forgiving, though: you can redo a level anytime, and there isn't a frustrating defeat screen when you mess up. There are no hints, but so far I have yet to need them.

There are two ways to play: Journey or Challenge

There are two ways to play: Journey or Challenge


I highly recommend SEMBL if you love games that you can play in short bursts or long sessions. The puzzles are not particularly challenging, but playing the game is a serene and enjoyable experience. Best for adults, but older kids will get a kick out of the game as well.

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