Workflow: Reusing Completed Reminders in Due's Logbook from Launch Center Pro

If you have been using Due for quite some time, you probably have a lot of completed reminders archived in your Logbook section. When I went through my archive, I found out that I made quite a few duplicates. Even though most of them are non-recurring reminders, it seems like I have set duplicate instances of them at different periods of time.

To give you an example, here are six reminders that I have set up multiple times in the past:

  • Call my wife later
  • Claim for my medical expense reimbursement when I get to the office
  • Get some cash from the ATM
  • Buy some diapers for my kids on the way home
  • Fill up the gas for my car
  • Wake up early for an early flight in the morning

As you can tell from the examples above, they are not recurring reminders. They do not adhere to any schedule, but I often set them up when a particular event occurs. Instead of creating a new one each time such event occurs, I should find these completed reminders in the Logbook section and reuse them.

I created a group in Launch Center Pro to hold all the non-recurring reminders that I most frequently used.

The new search URL in Due 1.9.5 enables me to trigger this action from Launch Center Pro. I even created a group that contains all the non-recurring reminders that I most frequently reused. If you want to apply this action for your own reminders, simply replace the [reminder-name] in the following snippet:

The action also works with reminders that have URL scheme attached to it. For example, the reminder I had for calling my wife has a URL scheme to make the call via Launch Center Pro's Dial Contact URL. For more information on how to setup a reminder to call someone later and other time-shifting techniques I've been using Drafts, Due and Launch Center Pro for, check out this post.

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