Workflow in Drafts: Installing Your New Code with a Single Action

I am an iPhone first person, and I spend more time with my iPhone than with my Mac. Even when I'm developing a new custom URL action in Drafts or Launch Center Pro, I always spend the majority, if not all, of the coding time on my iPhone. Thus, having a way to easily shortcut my code-install-test workflow is essential for me.

If you write your actions in Drafts, you'd typically need to copy the code into the clipboard, go to the Settings page, create a new custom URL action, and paste the code there. Thankfully, I found this awesome Drafts action that allows me to shortcut the entire workflow into a few taps.

This is a custom URL action for Drafts that allows you to create a new custom URL action based on the [[title]] and [[body]] of your current [[draft]]. The [[title]] will be used as the name of the new custom URL action, and the [[body]] will be used as the URL that will be invoked when the action is triggered. It is advised that the [[body]] has been properly encoded, either manually or using {{..}}.

Requires: Drafts 2.5

Open this link on your iOS device to have it automatically installed in Drafts without having to copy and paste it in manually.

Note: This is one of many great custom URL actions created by Alex Guyot that I have been using on a daily basis. I am rewriting it here simply because it's an essential custom URL action that can ease your workflow when you want to try the other actions I listed here or when you want to create your own directly in Drafts. You should definitely visit Alex's website and his ever-growing list of custom actions. Many thanks, Alex!