Workflow: Adding Quotes from Chrome to Quotebook using Launch Center Pro

One of the great new features in Launch Center Pro 2.0 is the ability to use Launch Center Pro tags from a URL that's launched from outside of the app. In my previous post, I have shown three use cases where launchpro://?url= can do things that were not possible previously. But, there's still one use case that I hadn't explored yet: using the launchpro://?url= from a Javascript bookmarklet.

Ben Whiting asked me over Twitter whether I had tried it or not. Until an hour ago, I was not able to get anything working from the bookmarklet. Thankfully Justin Youens, a member of Contrast, showed us how to do it - with an example of grabbing the page URL and put it on the Tweetbot's compose window.

Apparently, we need to encode everything behind the launchpro://?url= using Javacript's encodeURIComponent function. I tried encoding it using the in-app text encoding function from Launch Center Pro, but could never get it to work.

So, here it is, a Javascript bookmarklet that allows you to add a new quotation that you find while you're browsing in Chrome to the Quotebook app on the iPhone. First, you need to copy the quotation into the clipboard, then trigger the bookmarklet. It will then go to Launch Center Pro to prompt you the author's name, before redirecting you to Quotebook with the page URL as the new quote's source.

I deliberately didn't use the rating parameter, and as far as I know, the Quotebook app doesn't support the tags parameter in its URL schemes.

For me, this is a new and improved workflow over my relatively manual approach in collecting quotations. It's now easier to add quotes using Launch Center Pro's [prompt]. I just wish Quotebook would support x-callback-url so that I can return to Chrome after adding the quotation.

This is a simple example of what we can do with launchpro://?url= from a Javascript bookmarklet. I can't wait to see what others would create on top of this example.

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