Workflow: Adding an Event in Fantastical and a Task Item in Clear with a single post in Drafts

Today, the great guys at Flexibits released a new update to Fantastical for iOS. In its updated FAQ page, they announce that Fantastical 1.1.1 update fully supports x-callback-url. That means it supports the x-source, x-success, x-cancel, and x-error parameters.

To me personally, that's a great news, because I've been trying to automate the workflow of registering a new event in Fantastical while also adding a new task item in Clear. The new Fantastical update enables me to write everything I need as a single three-line post in Drafts. Here's a skeleton of how I want to write my post:

The event details to be parsed in Fantastical
The list name in Clear
The new task item to be put in that list

With a single three-line post in Drafts, you can register a new event in Fantastical and a new task item in your desired Clear task list.

Requires: Fantastical 1.1.1, Clear, Drafts 2.5

In order to allow this workflow to work, first I need to setup a new custom URL action in Drafts that allow me to parse the last two lines into the appropriate Clear URL Scheme. Assuming that I would have a new temporary Draft post with only the last two lines from post skeleton above, I can use the post's [[title]] as the list name and the [[body]] as the task name.


The above URL scheme would add the new task at the top of the list. If you want to add the new task at the bottom of the list instead, use a large number for the taskPosition parameter, e.g. 999. Open this link on your iOS device to have it automatically install the new Add to Clear action in Drafts. If you want to install the one that adds the new task at the bottom of the list, try this one instead.

Note: In order for this workflow to work as intended, you need to properly name your Clear lists, and somehow remember them on the fly. If Clear is already part of your daily workflow, this should be a fairly trivial thing to do.

Once you've installed that action, we're ready to write the action that parse the original code skeleton, take the [[title]] for parsing in Fantastical, and invoke the recently added Clear action based on a newly created Drafts post containing the remaining two lines.


Open this link if you want it installed on your iOS device automatically as Add Event and Task Item action.

Thanks to the awesome developers of Fantastical, Clear and Drafts, I'm able to automate this workflow. I'm sure that with a little tweak, you'd find a way to make this workflow fits yours.

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