Troubleshooting Tips for Recursive Actions in Drafts 3.5

Prior to last week, I have extensively used recursive technique to invoke custom URL actions in Drafts processing each line into an event in Fantastical, a reminder in Due, or a Pomodoro task in Due. With the latest Drafts 3.5 update, this technique can cause an infinite loop because Drafts allows actions to run on an empty draft.

For actions that involve Due, I'd suggest you to stop returning to Drafts on your last reminder or task. But for the "Add Events to Fantastical" action, this trick doesn't work. Unlike Due, Fantastical doesn't prompt you before returning to Drafts.

Until I come up with a better solution, or until Greg Pierce decides to add a new feature that can avoid this problem, I will remove the x-cancel parameter of the "Add Events to Fantastical" action. At least, now you can stop the infinite loop by tapping the Cancel button on Fantastical parsing window.

Here's the new updated action. I renamed it to Add Multiple Events to Fantastical to avoid mixing up with the old one.

Open this link if you want it installed on your iOS device automatically.

While this technique solves some problems, but it doesn't solve all of them. For example, if you have other recursive actions that involve apps with no prompt nor x-cancel support, you're out of luck at the moment.

Contact me via Twitter if you have any problems or questions.