Workflow: Integrating Tally into Your Workflows

Just a few hours ago, Greg Pierce announced an update to his Tally app. The new 1.1 version includes support for x-callback-url specification. It allows you to increment or decrement your named counters inside the app.

If you're a person who loves statistics and analytics, you might want to integrate Tally into your workflows. In this post, I will show examples where I use Tally to keep track of the number of times I trigger my Send to Pastebot action and my Logged Google Search action. Both of them are custom URL Actions in Drafts, and I use them multiple times throughout the day.

Tally allows you to create named counters that you can manipulate via x-callback-url.

It is pretty straightforward to integrate Tally into your workflow. First, you need to create the appropriate named counters in Tally. Then, simply create a new workflow where Tally is the first action to call, prior calling your previous non-Tallied workflows.

Because Tally is just an optional addition to your existing workflows, I'd suggest you use the x-error parameter properly. By setting the x-error parameter to the existing workflow, you can ensure that you can continue your workflow even when the Tally named counter you're trying to access got accidentally deleted.

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Workflow in Drafts: Recreating the missing Send to Pastebot action in Drafts 3.0

Drafts 3.0 has been a great update for me. There are plenty of new features to be explored. On the other hand, the app might be too overwhelming for new non-geek users who are trying to be familiar with the app. Thus, Greg Pierce decided to unload some of the built-in actions that were previously available in Drafts 2.5.x, including Send to Pastebot.

I am a heavy user of Pastebot. To write a blog post like this one, I mainly work with an iA Writer opened up on my Mac, and a Pastebot on my iPhone. All of the URL schemes that are included in the post were transferred via Pastebot. So were the screenshots.

A couple of days ago, when I shared a post on how to create a link post in Tumblr with a Chrome bookmarklet, I failed to find the built-in Send to Pastebot action. Thus, I had to go through the motion of Copy to Clipboard and switched to Pastebot manually. Having to go through this multiple times while preparing a blog post can be a bit annoying.

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