How Plink May Improve Your Blogging Workflow

Most of my blogging happens on the Mac. But, I also write full blog posts on 1Writer for iPhone a few times each month.

Almost all my posts have screenshots in it. Based on my experience, everything that involves screenshots is not a trivial task. Most of my use cases involves getting the screenshots off of the iPad and into Dropbox. Then, I need to resize, reduce, and rename them, before uploading it to Squarespace. Only then would I be able to embed them inside the post.

This workflow is easier to perform on the Mac than on iOS. I'm grateful when Launch Center Pro adds the capability to resize, reduce, and rename images with its 2.1 update. And when the iPad version is available, my workflow becomes much simpler.

But, it's still far from ideal. I'd love to be able to upload the compressed image to the cloud and embed the link from iOS. That's why I'm excited to see what Jeff Mueller's Plink app is capable of.

Plink is an iOS app that lets you upload an image from your Camera Roll to file hosting service, get the link, and x-callback-url your way into your app. This fits nicely with what I have in mind. I might need to alter the way I host my screenshots and embed them in the post, but Plink is too good to miss out.

Plink is currently in active development. Jeff Mueller is using Backer crowd-funding platform to raise a fund for the development cost. If the campaign is successful, Jeff will release Plink as a free app on the App Store sometime in May 2014. You may also like Plink's stretch goal, which supports other image hosting platforms such as Amazon S3 and Flickr.

If you're a blogger who often writes posts (that include images) on iOS, Plink is a great tool. It will save you a lot of time from doing the routines.

If you want to back this project like I did, please visit the official Backer page for Plink. I'd love to see Plink comes to reality.

Follow Jeff Mueller and Plink on Twitter for more info. To learn more about Plink, please visit their official documentation page.