How Command-C Replaces Pastebot and Improves My Workflow

I have been using Pastebot as my preferred way to transfer text and images between my iPhone and my Macs. But, iOS 7 has brought changes to some policies, such as on background processes and shared pasteboards, that made Pastebot a bit outdated. As a reference, the last update for Pastebot was almost two years ago.

Fortunately, today Danilo Torrisi releases Command-C that offers a more modern alternative to Pastebot. Similar to Pastebot, it comes as a pair of iOS and Mac apps that you can install to all your iOS/Mac devices. I'd recommend you read Federico Viticci's in-depth review on the app if you haven't.

Why Command-C is Better than Pastebot

Instead of rehashing what Federico Viticci has written, I will outline a few reasons why I consider Command-C as a better alternative to Pastebot.

  1. Command-C is iOS 7 native. It's not constrained by 10 minute limit of running in the background. It's also compatible with Launch Center Pro's image pasteboard - something that I can never get to work correctly.
  2. Command-C supports multiple pairs of iOS/Mac and iOS/iOS sharing. Instead of syncing only one iOS/Mac device pair at a time, Command-C allows you to share the text/image with any device that you have registered.
  3. Command-C has an excellent support for x-callback-url and executable URLs. This allows you to send iOS/Mac URL Schemes over Wi-Fi and have it executed by the receiving Command-C copy. Danilo Torrisi even sets up a dedicated website and an in-app form to easily generate your own bookmarklet and URL Scheme.

Command-C has replaced Pastebot for me. It has completely replaced the basic text/image sharing between my iPhone and my Macs. And, it even makes new workflows that were not possible previously.

AirDrop Alternative for Older iOS Devices

AirDrop for iOS is a new feature that is part of iOS 7. But, it's not supported on older devices, such as iPhone 4/4S and iPad 2/3. So, I've been using iMessage, Photo Stream, and even Dropbox, to share text/images between my older iOS devices.

With the release of Command-C, I can now create simple actions in Launch Center Pro and Drafts that let me send text/images from my iPhone to my other iOS devices and my Macs.

The first example is a Launch Center Pro action that lets me send a user-defined text from my iPhone to any of the registered devices: my iMac, my MacBook, and my iPad 2.

Open this link to automatically install this action on Launch Center Pro on your iPhone.

The second example is built on top of the previous example, where I often find myself inside Drafts and want to send a piece of text to my Mac. Here's the action that I use to do it.

Open this link to automatically install this action on Drafts on your iOS device.

The third example shows how you can use Command-C and Launch Center Pro to share images from iOS library, camera, or even Dropbox. Again, the possible recipients are varied from other iOS devices to your Macs.

Open this link to automatically install this action on Launch Center Pro on your iPhone.

Note: If you use ' (apostrophe) for your device name, you need to make sure that you're using the correct version for the Command-C device names. If you're unsure, it's probably safer for you to use the in-app URL Scheme builder to figure out how your device name should be encoded.

Search Multiple Sites in Safari for Mac

In addition to the command-c://copy and command-c://copyText URL Schemes shown above, Command-C also has a very powerful command-c://copyAndOpenURL URL Scheme. It allows you to send a URL and have it opened in the receiving end. If the recipient is an iOS device, you can send a valid URL schemes with/without x-callback-url and have it executed when the recipient taps it. Even though the same rule applies when the recipient is a Mac, it's rare to find a Mac-only app that supports URL Schemes.

One of the possible use cases for this new power is to open up multiple tabs in Safari for Mac with a single search keyword from Launch Center Pro. I put up a simple TextExpander snippet, abbreviated as cclipboard, that will search the same keyword to three different websites.

This will be expanded as I fill in the clipboard with the search keyword. The search keyword itself will be prompted via Launch Center Pro.

Open this link to automatically install this action on Launch Center Pro on your iPhone.

And here is the Drafts custom URL action that will perform a recursive trick to open multiple tabs in Safari on the Mac, one line at a time. This is the part where Command-C performs like a magician.

Open this link to automatically install this action on Drafts on your iPhone.

Bonus: If you're using 1Writer, here's an action that you can use to search for the currently selected text on multiple sites on the Mac.

Open this link to automatically install this action on 1Writer on your iOS device.


In its App Store description, Danilo Torrisi claims that Command-C is revolutionary and works like magic. After trying it for a day, I agree with this statement. I believe I'm only scratching the surface of what's possible with Command-C. I'm looking forward to what others are doing creatively with Command-C.

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