Geeks With Juniors is a weblog about parenting in the age of technology, by a geek dad and a young tech observer. It features mostly iPad/iPhone app reviews, with a scattering of tech news, workflow recipes, game reviews, and parental musings in between.


About Us

This blog started in mid-2012 when Eric Pramono, a father of two young sons and an avid iPad user, felt there was a lack of sites that offered high-quality children’s app reviews. Believing that many parents would benefit from such a site, he partnered with his colleague, Camila Amanda, and set up Geeks With Juniors.

Outside the blog, Eric is a longtime software developer who is now responsible for the largest MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platform in Indonesia: UCEO. Camila is a freelance copywriter and software tester. Eric is also a bit of a productivity geek, so if you’re into that you’ll probably like his Productivity and Workflows blog.

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Best Apps for Kids

Our main blog, dedicated to helping parents and teachers discover the best educational children’s apps on the App Store. Every day we would publish a review of the latest and best apps for kids. Our reviews are written from the perspectives of a parent, an educator, and a developer. They provide unique insights for those who care about their children’s education.

Featured Reviews

Toca Builders
A Minecraft-like app in which kids construct various objects out of blocks. The game controls are simple and intuitive to learn. This app has no rules, no penalty, and no time limit, so kids can easily spend countless hours building their own constructions.
Motion Math: Pizza!
A reminiscent of the 90’s simulation game Pizza Tycoon, this app lets kids learn mental math and sharpen their business sense. The app punishes players for bad decisions, so to succeed kids must come up with strategies and know their math. A great tool to learn about the different aspects of entrepreneurship.
Shu’s Garden
A charming game that lets kids bring life onto a barren planet with the help of a soil-nourishing alien. Kids tilt and shake their device to roll the alien, Shu, across the planet’s surface and grow colorful plants. It’s an open-ended and relaxing game about pure creation and exploration, with the player’s imagination as its driving force.

Productivity and Workflow

Eric blogs occasionally about iOS automation topics such as URL Schemes and x-callback-url. If you want to get the most out of your iPhone/iPad productivity apps, you should definitely check it out his Productivity and Workflow blog.

Key Productivity Apps

Drafts started out as a simple and quick note-taking app for the iPhone, but quickly grew to become a productivity powerhouse thanks to x-callback-url and its versatility of routing your posts to other apps and services.
Launch Center Pro
Launch Center Pro lets you launch actions instead of apps. Taking advantage of URL Schemes and x-callback-url, the latest Launch Center Pro 2.x upgrades make the app a mainstay on many power users’ docks.
Fantastical 2
Fantastical lets you enter events into your calendar using natural language. It will intelligently parse your input into the event fields, saving you time if you want a quick event creation. Fantastical 2 brings improved natural language support, integration with Reminders, and integration with TextExpander.

Games & Toys

Our latest venture, born out of our passion for great games. Every week we would pick a great new game that we think deserves a spotlight, and share some of the tips we picked up while playing it. If you enjoy puzzles, board games, collectible card games, tower defense, or platformers, we think you’ll like this blog.

Featured Reviews

Hearthstone for iPad
A free-to-play, one-on-one digital collectible card game built on the vast universe of World of Warcraft. You can build your deck, play matches against computer-controlled heroes, or step into the Arena to compete with other human players. The app also supports local events, so you can play with other players on the same network.
Inspired by the popular number puzzle Threes, 2048 gets you combining numbered tiles on a 4x4 board until you reach 4,096 or space runs out. The gameplay is very much simplified, but it makes for a great trial run before you get into Threes. It is also free to download and play.
Monument Valley
Easily one of the most beautiful games on the App Store, Monument Valley is a puzzle game in which you manipulate impossible architectures. It plays with your senses, challenging you to readjust your perspectives to solve its intricate puzzles. All the while, it also dazzles you with stunning artwork you’d want to put up on your wall.