Practice Higher-Order Thinking Skills in Math with Fresh and Fun Game Mechanics from Zap Zap Math

Practice Higher-Order Thinking Skills in Math with Fresh and Fun Game Mechanics from Zap Zap Math

I’ve always preferred using math as a tool for solving real-world problems. To do that, we may need to simplify the problem’s complexity and come up with new ways to apply our math skills. That’s why I’ve always appreciated apps and games that force us to practice our higher-order thinking skills.

Zap Zap Math is a great example of such an app. It includes plenty of fresh and fun game mechanics that help kids ages 4-7 to practice with their math skills. But, it’s not just a collection of simple math drills. Instead, it consists of problems and challenges that require you to analyze, simplify, and perform many mental calculations.

The Games

Zap Zap Math organizes the games into topics based on the Common Core Standards. The first game that you can play is popping bubbles of tens, hundreds, and thousands, to construct a given number. For example, to construct the number 27, you’ll need to pop a bubble of ten into 10 units of ones and tap seven of them. Then, you’ll tap two more bubbles of ten.

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Play Geometric Shapes Games in Shape Gurus

Play Geometric Shapes Games in Shape Gurus

By the time your child is two to three years old, he or she should be able to start learning about shapes. There are lots of apps to teach shapes, but today I want to show you my new favorite: Shape Gurus.

It’s from developer Colto, and the latest in their Gurus series of apps. As the name makes clear, the app helps kids learn about shapes, namely circle, square, rectangle, and triangle. It also teaches them about colors.

Matching, Sorting, and Classifying Shapes

Like most apps nowadays, Shape Gurus encourage learning by playing. The idea is to offer 27 geometric puzzles that will get kids matching, sorting, and classifying by shapes and colors. What’s interesting is that the puzzles are like a series of vignettes, which come together to create an evolving story.

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Explore Properties of Geometric Shapes Through Euclidian Proofs in DragonBox Elements

To solve a puzzle in DragonBox Elements, players need to construct a Euclidian proof using many geometrical theorems in combination.

Last year, I reviewed an amazing app called DragonBox Algebra 5+. It uses a fun gaming approach to secretly teach algebra. I was impressed by how the app is able to cover so many algebra topics in just a few hours.

Recently, the developer released an app called DragonBox Elements, which secretly teaches geometry to kids ages eight and up through gaming. In addition to teaching them about the basic of geometry, it lets them construct Euclidian geometrical proofs by solving more than 110 puzzles.

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Inspired by Matryoshka Dolls, GeoMatry Lets Kids Match and Nest Shapes

Earlier this year, I have reviewed two apps from Fernando Pires: TapTapToink and Word Teller for Kids. As an indie developer, he has been very productive in creating great apps for kids. In fact, a few days ago he just released a new app called GeoMatry: Matching and Nesting Shapes, which aims to help kids ages 3+ recognize, manipulate, and build geometric objects.

In GeoMatry, kids are challenged to fit one shape into another to form a larger shape.

Nesting Shapes a la Matryoshka Dolls

The design of GeoMatry was inspired by the matryoshka doll (also known as Russian nesting dolls), which is a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other. In GeoMatry, you are required to fit shapes one inside the other to complete the puzzles.

GeoMatry has a total of 40 mini puzzles with increasing difficulty levels. The early stages of the app are designed to familiariaze you with the puzzle mechanics. Each puzzle consists of three to four 2D shapes, which you combine into a single shape. Even though you can fit in any two compatible shapes in any order, I’d recommend you always start with the smallest ones.

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Learn Geometry by Solving Tangram Puzzles in Shape Arts: Geometry Creations

Many consider math a difficult subject to master. Geometry, being part of math, is no exception. Many developers have offered different approaches to learning geometry, but I believe learning is best when done through play.

That’s what my app pick for today tries to do. Called Shape Arts: Geometry Creations, the app offers a fun experience playing tangram puzzles.

Shape Arts: Geometry Creations helps kids learn geometry by solving tangram puzzles

Shape Arts: Geometry Creations

The app groups its selection of tangram puzzles into five categories: popular, new, people, creatures, and easy. Simply browse through the categories and tap to play the puzzle you like.

To solve a puzzle, players need to arrange the tangram pieces to fit the silhouette. They can drag, rotate, and arrange the pieces to construct the puzzle. Once a puzzle is solved, players can continue to play the next random puzzle or create their own.

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