Toca Hair Salon 3 offers more hairstyling fun for kids

Toca Hair Salon 3 offers more hairstyling fun for kids

Since Toca Hair Salon's release in 2011, Toca Boca's playful hairstyling app has captivated millions of kids around the world. Five years and one sequel-app later, the famed app-maker has set out to repeat their success with Toca Hair Salon 3. Billed as "the most diverse Hair Salon app yet", it introduces more diverse characters, hair types, and even beards!

Cut and Color in Style

Toca Hair Salon 3 plays out much like the other apps in the series. When you begin the app, you select a character you'd like to style. Four characters are presented at a time, but you can tap the refresh button on the top right to rotate between dozens of starter characters.

Once inside the salon, you can swipe through several workspaces where you can wash, dry, color, cut, and change the texture of your character's hair. What's new is the small curling iron, which allows you to create a kinky hair texture. There are also new braiding tools: a large one and a smaller one, so you can create braids of different sizes.

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Chili Fish Lets Kids Create Colorful Fishes and Explore an Underwater World

Use paint and stamp to create colorful fishes in Chili Fish

Over the past years, we have seen many “maker” apps that let kids take control and create all sorts of things. One such app we reviewed recently was Pony Style Box, a pony customization game that will charm both girls and boys.

Today, we have a new app from Chili Kids that falls into this “maker” category. Called Chili Fish, it lets kids paint, stamp, and shape colorful fishes in an interactive undersea world.

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Pony Style Box is a Fun Dress-Up Game for All

Pony Style Box is silly, delightful, and suitable for both boys and girls

When I was a kid, ponies were often on the top of my birthday wish list. Of course back then we didn’t have iPads so my parents couldn’t appease my whining and nagging with the Pony Style Box app.

It is the latest release from developer Fox and Sheep, masterminds behind past favorites Nighty Night Circus and Little Fox Music Box. As you might have guessed, it’s a dress-up game where kids can style their very own ponies.

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Kids Play Dress-Up in Strawberry Shortcake Berry Beauty Salon

Primp and style Strawberry Shortcake characters in the Berry Beauty Salon app

Playing dress-up is a favorite amongst kids, and a great way to explore creativity. Over the years, we’ve collected a couple of great dress up games, such as Minnie Fashion Tour HD and Dress Up: Fairy Tales.

Today, we’re adding one more app to the collection: Strawberry Shortcake Berry Beauty Salon. Developed by Cupcake Digital, it’s a sweet app that puts kids in charge of a beauty salon where the Strawberry Shortcake girls are patrons.

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Play Dress Up as Your Favorite Characters in Dress Up: Fairy Tales

Kids grow up with fairy tales. They read them in storybooks, watch them in movies, and even role-play as them. Many kids love to wear fairy tale costumes because they help them imagine how it would like to be their favorite characters.

Play Toddlers recently released a new toy app that allows kids ages 2+ to play dress up as their favorite fairy tale characters. The app supports both genders and up to 30 characters, including princes and princesses.

Dress Up: Fairy Tales lets you play dress up games with both genders and up to 30 fairy tale and cultural outfits.

Dress Up and Color the Outfits

Kids start by browsing through the available outfits in the scrolling drawer. There is a nice mix of outfits to appeal to both girls and boys, so they should be able to find something like. Some outfits also come with accessories; for example, a knight with a plated armor, a Viking with a horned helmet, and an archer with a quiver.

Once kids have selected an outfit, they will see a naked young toddler. The idea is to dress him/her up, starting from the underwear and socks, by dragging the piece of clothing to the correct body part. If kids make a mistake, the app will provide a visual hint to show where they should put the piece of clothing instead.

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