Sago Mini Apartment Gets Kids Playing with Cute Animal Friends

Sago Mini Apartment lets kids visit and play with friends in a virtual apartment building

Sago Mini Apartment lets kids visit and play with friends in a virtual apartment building

Do your kids ever wish they could share an apartment with their best friends? Every day would be filled with fun, and planning a get-together would be so much easier. Sago Mini Apartment lets them live out this dream, if only on their tablet.

Visit Friends on Seven Floors

In Sago Mini Apartment, kids explore a virtual apartment in which the Sago Mini friends live. Together with Jinja the cat, they take an elevator up along seven floors to meet friends and partake in various activities.

On the first floor, they get in shape in Harvey's exercise room. They drag various gym equipments, including neon-colored hula hoops and barbells with cupcake weights, onto Jinja and Harvey, then tap to count reps. A narrator counts along as the number goes down from 10 to 0.

On the second floor, kids and Jinja jam with Robin and her band. They drag and drop various musical instruments, and create their own tunes over a looping track.

On the third floor, they help Jack put together the toys that he invented. To do so, they drag and drop colorful pieces onto a blueprint—just like a jigsaw puzzle. Once the toy has been completed, they can play with it or move on to the next puzzle.

On the fourth floor, they join Rosie in her kitchen to assemble sandwiches. There are plenty of ingredients to choose from, including tomatoes, lettuce, eggs, avocados, pasta, and cookies. Kids can stack the ingredients as high as they want. They can also let Jinja and Rosie snack on some of the ingredients.

The fifth floor is home to Kiki the raccoon, and it's a bit of a mess. Kids help her tidy up by moving their finger around the screen to control a vacuum cleaner, and sucking up all the stuff on the floor and walls until the room is squeaky clean.

On the sixth floor, kids chill with Neville the penguin and stack ice cream cones as high as they can. They can scoop up three different flavors, then add sauces and sprinkles. They can then drag the ice cream for Jinja and Neville to eat.

On the seventh floor, kids can grow plants at Astrid the gnome's rooftop garden. After choosing a seed, they put in the planter and add water and sunlight so it can grow. Then, harvest the fruits or flowers (or curiously enough, sushi) before repeating the process all over again.

Parents Need to Know

Sago Mini Apartment is designed for toddlers and preschoolers, ages 2-5. It's a safe and kid-friendly app with no in-app purchases or third-party ads.

In this open-ended app, there are no rules for playing. Instead, kids make their own discoveries and play as they see fit. The app's simple design makes it possible for them to navigate their way around the app with little help from adults.

Parents who wish to learn more about the app can go to the parents' section from the main screen. Within that section, a letter from the developer provides background information about the gameplay along with discussion ideas.

Solve puzzles together and hone hand-eye coordination

Solve puzzles together and hone hand-eye coordination

Things I Like

Sago Mini Apartment takes kids to a playful environment where they are free to imagine and play. The characters are friendly and welcoming, and the activities are simple albeit fun for young kids. Many activities can be played with two hands, so kids can invite a friend or a family member to play alongside them. This translates to a delightful experience for the whole family.

Though the app is about playing and having fun, there are opportunities for learning as well. For example, kids can learn numbers up to 10 as they count reps with Harvey. They also honed their hand-eye coordination and early musical skills.

Many activities can be played with two hands, so kids can invite a friend to play alongside them

Many activities can be played with two hands, so kids can invite a friend to play alongside them


There's no shortage of fun in this virtual playset. Sago Mini Apartment keeps kids entertained with cute friends and plenty of silly surprises. Highly recommended for preschoolers everywhere!

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Sago Mini Apartment is also available in Sago Mini World, a new subscription program that gives you unlimited access to Sago Mini's complete collection of games through a single app.

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