Little Police is a Fun Detective Game for Kids

Little Police lets kids role-play as a detective and find missing items

Little Police lets kids role-play as a detective and find missing items

Have your kids ever wish to become detectives? Little Police, the newest app from Filimundus, can give them a taste of what it's like to be a bona fide private eye, from gathering clues to rounding up bad guys.

Catch the Thief

In Little Police, kids take on the role as a police detective who solves thefts and find missing animals. They first listen to the client as he or she tells them about her lost item, then they rummage through the crime scene to collect clues: footprints, strands of hair, candy wrappers, etc. They can move things around the screen and zoom in to help them uncover hidden items.

Next, they go back to the office, where they use logic and deduction to figure out the thief from a list of suspects. With a suspect selected, they make a visit to his or her home to find the stolen item. The case always ends with a high-speed car chase through the neighborhood, where they use their reflexes to switch lanes and avoid obstacles.

When a case is solved, kids earn experience points and rise in the ranks. They also get to unlock badges, clothes, and accessories for their avatar, which they create at the beginning of the game. The customization options are quite diverse and kids can even dress their avatar in unconventional uniforms, such as a tutu skirt with boots.

Parents Need to Know

Little Police is a suitable app for ages four and up. Though it contains some text instructions, it's quite possible for kids to figure out how to play without being able to read. Navigating the app is also fairly simple to do.

The app has no third-party ads and no in-app purchases. It doesn't require Internet access, which makes it a great travel companion.

Use the clues you've collected to figure out the perpetrator

Use the clues you've collected to figure out the perpetrator

Things I Like

Little Police is a great app that will appeal to kids who are into detective games. The simple, mostly text-free gameplay allows even the youngest kids to follow along, but the dramatic sleuth theme combined with a high-speed car chase will draw in the older kids as well. It's also really nice that there is no real punishment in the game; if you chose the wrong suspect or fail at the car chase, you can always try again.

One cool detail in the app is that you can check the bulletin board in the detective office for posters of missing animals. When you go out, you can look for these animals around the town to gain additional experience points. This adds variety to the gameplay and keeps kids from getting bored.

Go on a high-speed car chase to catch the thief

Go on a high-speed car chase to catch the thief


If you're looking to get your kids an exciting game to play, give Little Police a try. It has a little bit of everything: role-playing, problem solving, and even arcade-style gaming. It's also incredibly easy to use and safe for kids, which is always a plus. A must-have for any kid who's ever wished to become a detective.

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