Rudi Rainbow Introduces Kids to Weather Phenomena and Space Objects

Help Rudi the Rainbow find his lost colors in the storybook Rudi Rainbow

Help Rudi the Rainbow find his lost colors in the storybook Rudi Rainbow

Teaching kids about the weather can help them learn more about the world, plus it's a great way to nurture a fascination and love for science from a very young age. There are many weather-related activities you can try, but here's one you can do before bed: reading stories about the weather. I'd suggest Rudi Rainbow, an interactive story about a little rainbow who lost his colors.

Help Rudi Find His Colors

On a beautiful sunny day, while Rudi the Rainbow is playing with his friends in Tommy Tornado's yard, Harold Hurricane accidentally causes a huge storm that blows all of Rudi's colors away. Hoping to get Rudi's colors back, Rudi and his friends search the town and meet other residents who help him: from the charismatic Eric Earth to kind Violetta Venus to eccentric Professor Hailstone.

As kids move through the story, they can learn about the weather and space. They will learn, among others, about how winds and rain are formed, what a hail is, various constellations in the sky, and the moon phases. There are also 6 fun mini games in which kids can apply their newfound knowledge. For example, kids can try making wind by dragging cold air into empty spaces on the screen. In another game, they arrange the stars in the sky to form the Big Dipper constellation.

Suitable for ages five and up, Rudi Rainbow consists of 40 interactive scenes packed with pictures, animations, and sounds. At the beginning of the app kids can choose to go straight into the story or jump to a specific chapter. The story is fully narrated in English and German, and it is also translated into French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. You can set your preferred language from the Settings menu.

Parents Need to Know

Rudi Rainbow is available to download on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. It is without ads and in-app purchases, and safe for kids to use. All links are secured behind a parental gate.

When you download Rudi Rainbow to your device, you also get emoji stickers for free. The pack includes 27 cute Rudi Rainbow stickers for iMessage.

Learn more about various weather phenomena, such as lighting and thunder, hail, wind, and rain

Learn more about various weather phenomena, such as lighting and thunder, hail, wind, and rain

Things I Like

Rudi Rainbow is a fun story that introduces kids to various weather and space phenomena. Kids will love tapping the screen to discover hidden surprises and learning more about the adorable characters—each a personification of a weather phenomena or space object. The science behind the weather is explained matter-of-factly, and the mini games provide an engaging hands-on experience.

Overall, Rudi Rainbow is a great app. The production is top-notch: the graphics are vibrant, the animations are lovely, and the narration is excellent. The only downside is that there is a loading screen before every scene, but on the plus side there are fun facts that you can read to make the waiting slightly less cumbersome.

Apply your newfound knowledge in fun mini games

Apply your newfound knowledge in fun mini games


If you're looking for an enjoyable story that also doubles as an introduction to the science of weather, Rudi Rainbow is a terrific choice. It explains various weather phenomena in a way that kids can easily understand, plus it offers fun mini games that drive the topic home. Highly recommended.

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