Kids Become Their Own Boss in Toca Life: Office

Toca Life: Office is a digital playset that lets kids explore various offices

Toca Life: Office is a digital playset that lets kids explore various offices

Ever had kids tell you they want to work just like you? Toca Life: Office lets them a sneak peek into the world of grown-ups, but with a fun twist. It's the newest title in Toca Boca's Life app series: digital playsets where kids can tell stories about everyday topics the way they imagine it. As you might expect, Toca Life: Office is all about the working world.

What's It About

In Toca Life: Office kids can explore seven unique locations: the bank, office, rooftop lounge, courthouse, apartment, daycare, and a storage house with a fire pole. Each location is packed with characters, costumes, and items that kids can move around as they please. It's very much a virtual dollhouse with no rules and no wrong way to play. Kids can save their stories using the in-app recording feature, which records sounds and on-screen movements for up to 2 minutes, then stores it to the device's Camera Roll.

Surprises in Every Location

There is a lot to discover Toca Life: Office. Each location has several rooms, and you can scroll left or right to reveal more of the area. For example, the rooftop lounge has a pantry on the far left, a kitchen, a dining area, and a helipad. The courthouse has a dumpster area at the back, boiler room, jail, courtroom, break room, and detective's office.

Within each room kids can find unique items and costumes, and sometimes hidden compartments and secret exits. Electronic machines such as printer, copier, and ATM, work as they do in real life. Food items can be cooked and combined to make delicious meals.

There are, in all, 35 new characters that are diverse in age and skin tone. There is even a character with vitiligo and non-human characters. Kids can put the characters in wheelchairs, which are available throughout the app.

Parents Need to Know

Toca Life: Office is suitable for a wide range of ages, from three and up. There are no rules for playing, so kids can be as imaginative as they like. The app supports multitouch, so kids can play together with their friends or family members. No reading is necessary to use the app.

The app has no ads and no in-app purchases. It has secured links to the developer's other apps plus a section called Life Weekly, which allows kids to discover curated video updates from the developer. If desired, you can turn off this feature (along with recording and music) from your device's Settings menu.

Discover hidden compartments, secret items, and even secret exits

Discover hidden compartments, secret items, and even secret exits

Things I Like

Toca Life: Office is a terrific office-themed playset for kids who love to role-play and tell stories. There are so many rooms and secrets to uncover that kids may spend hours just to uncover them all. The app makes it possible to come up with all kinds of stories, whether it's planning a heist with super villains or just chilling at the apartment after a busy day at work. But even when kids just want to poke and prod things, they will still have fun interacting with all the tiny objects.

While Toca Life: Office is not an exact representation of real-world offices, it does a great job in showing kids that there are plenty of career options out there. It would be nice to see something like an art studio or a tailor depicted in the app, but overall Toca Life: Office is a fascinating toy that will provide hours of quality playtime for all ages.

Play with a diverse set of characters and create your own stories

Play with a diverse set of characters and create your own stories


Toca Life: Office is a charming, open-ended digital playset where kids get to be the boss. It's jam-packed with details, and there is a diverse set of characters to help kids come up with their own stories. For kids who want to show and tell, there is a recording feature that lets them create videos with their own narration. Highly recommended!

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