Car Kit is an Immersive Car and Road Builder Game for Kids

Car Kit lets you create colorful tiny worlds for toy vehicles to roam

Car Kit lets you create colorful tiny worlds for toy vehicles to roam

Have your kids ever wished they could shrink and drive away in their toy cars? Well, they don't have to wish anymore. From the creators of Train Kit, comes a virtual model kit in which kids can build immersive little worlds for their tiny vehicles to roam: Car Kit.

Drag, Drop, and Build

When kids start Car Kit, they will see a green grid where they can place items from three different categories: roads, cars, and items (buildings, trees, fountains, etc). They can switch between categories by tapping the buttons on the bottom, and view the items in that category by swiping left or right. They can then drag and drop their selected item onto the grid.

At any point in the game, kids can tap the film projector button on the top left to get a driver's-eye view of their world and see what it's like to ride around in the tiny cars. They can let the app drive them around, or use the steering wheel on the bottom to control the car themselves. They can also switch to other cars on the grid by tapping the arrows on the top.

You can also play the game in portrait mode

You can also play the game in portrait mode

Tips and Tricks

Car Kit is playable in both portrait and landscape modes. Portrait mode gives you a zoomed out view where everything is slightly smaller, but you can see the entire grid in one screen. Landscape mode gives you bigger icons, but the grid is divided into top and bottom halves. You work on the bottom half by default, and tap the up arrow to view the top half.

In Car Kit your work is automatically saved when you exit the app or go back to the main screen. The next time you play, you can reopen previously saved worlds or create a new one from scratch. You can also delete a world by tapping the trash can on the top right.

Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that Car Kit is a paid app that contains no in-app purchases and no third-party ads. There is a link to the developer's other app, but it is secured by a parental gate.

The app is excellent for ages three and up, as it requires no reading and it is very simple to use. It works perfectly without Internet connection, so it's a great app to take with you when traveling.

Jump into the driver's seat and drive around the town you built

Jump into the driver's seat and drive around the town you built

Things I Like

Car Kit is a fantastic app for kids who love to play with toy vehicles and model kits. They will love building their own miniature worlds then hopping into the driver's seat to explore every nook and cranny. The whole process is truly engaging, and because there is virtually no learning curve everyone can join in on the fun. There are tons of details to appreciate: you can tap a vehicle on the selection tray to change its color, for example.

My biggest issue with the app is that the cars will sometimes knock buildings (or other items that are too close to the road) away from their original position. While the bumper car effect is amusing sometimes, it would be nice if there were an option to keep items fixed on their designated spots. I also think the car horn noises would be tiresome after a while, so I'd like to have an option to turn it off.


Car Kit is an excellent choice if you're looking for a fun, creative app to give your car-loving tot. This colorful app makes it easy for even the youngest kids to build their own world of cars. There is plenty of vehicle models and items to choose from, and the first-person view takes the building experience to another level. Highly recommended.

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