Kids Can Become Heroes in These Animated Storybooks

Kids can personalize the characters in these Puppet Pals Story Books

Kids can personalize the characters in these Puppet Pals Story Books

Kids often admire heroes and fantastic beings who perform magical feats. Well, what if they could be that hero? From the creators of Puppet Pals comes a series of interactive storybooks where kids become the leading actors in amazing stories. Introducing the Puppet Pals Story Books.

Customize the Characters with Your Photos

The way these book-apps work is as such: at the beginning of the app, kids can customize the characters from the story with photos of themselves, their siblings, friends, and even parents. They can assign the characters with a name, gender, and skin tone, and supply up to 10 photos for each of the character's facial expressions. The photos can be deleted or changed at any time, using a simple interface.

Once they have added the photos, kids will see their faces on the characters and their names within the story. As the story moves forward, different photos are shown to match the character's changing moods: happy, sad, angry, surprised, and many more. The app provides narration in English, but kids can choose to read by themselves. They can also touch things on each page to discover funny animations.

In addition to an interactive story, each book includes a mini game. For example, in the book Commander Amazing kids help the main character collect healthy food and destroy junk food by tapping on the screen. In Centaur Quest, kids help the main character jump over as many obstacles as possible.

Each book features a unique story, characters, and illustration style

Each book features a unique story, characters, and illustration style

Fantastic Stories for Every Child

There are currently five books in the Puppet Pals Story Books series. Each book has its own theme and style, so there is always a story for every child. I tried three of these books for this review: Commander Amazing, Centaur Quest, and Garden Guardian.

In Commander Quest, kids transform into a super-strong hero and attempt to save the town from a giant, slimy monster. Set in a bold colors and featuring a surprise ending, this story will delight any comic book fan. Kids can customize two characters: the superhero and the mayor.

In Centaur Quest, kids slip into a land of fantasy as they search for a medicine to cure a young centaur's illness. They will encounter various mythical creatures, including a mage, a troll, and a mermaid. Excellent for fans of the fantasy genre. Kids can customize three characters: the Centaur hero, the hero's younger sibling, and the wise mage.

The Garden Guardian is a magical story where kids role-play as small fairy who discovers and raises a baby caterpillar through the stages of metamorphosis, while defending its precious garden from attackers. Kids can customize two characters: the fairy and the general.

Parents Need to Know

Navigating each book app is simple and intuitive. Each customization screen includes a talking guide that explains how to add and edit your photos, so you shouldn't run into any trouble. If you have iCloud set up on your devices, you can share your head profiles on other devices that share the same Apple ID.

Each app contains no ads and no in-app purchases. There are links to the developer's other apps visible from the main screen, but they are secured behind a parental gate.

Each book includes narration in English and text highlighting

Each book includes narration in English and text highlighting

Things I Like

These Puppet Pals Story Books are a stellar idea. Kids will love becoming part of the stories and seeing their faces on the characters. The ability to add different photos for different facial expressions is very clever as it makes the story more interesting. It also provides kids with the opportunity to observe and identify facial emotions.

Outside the excellent personalization feature, the stories themselves are engaging and full of clever rhymes. The surprise endings are a treat as they keep kids guessing about what's to come next. The illustrations are also lovely to look at, and serve each story well.

Overall, the Puppet Pals Story Books are great for kids who enjoy all kinds of stories. It would be nice if Polished Play came up with an app that contains all of the stories, so kids can jump from story to story in one place.


Puppet Pals Story Books are fantastic apps that let kids personalize their stories using simple, easy-to-use tools. Each book in the series is engaging, nicely illustrated, and appropriate for the target age. Excellent for ages four and up.

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