Code Karts Teaches Pre-coding Skills to Preschool Kids

Code Karts is a racecar-themed game that introduces young kids to coding

Code Karts is a racecar-themed game that introduces young kids to coding

Coding is an important skill for any child to learn. Not only because programming jobs are in high demand, but also because coding fosters crucial skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving. What's more, coding helps one better understand the devices and technologies they use every day.

Considering the many benefits of coding, it's no wonder that many children's apps want to teach kids how to code. Code Karts is one of these apps. Developed by Edoki Academy, it introduces pre-coding skills to children from the age of four through a series of logical puzzles.

Learn to Code on a Racetrack

Set on a racetrack, Code Karts teaches kids to code by navigating a race car around a track to get it to the finish line. To do so, they drag and drop direction bricks—colorful blocks marked with arrows—into the bracket on the top of the screen. The order of the bricks decides the car's path, and kids will need to figure out the correct sequence within three tries or it's game over.

The app has over 70 levels between two game modes: Classic (in which you play alone) or Competition (in which you race against an AI opponent). In each game mode, the difficulty increases as kids work towards higher levels. New obstacles are also introduced over time, for example, roadblocks and jumping pads that, when passed, will bounce your car to another location within the race track. Kids can play either game modes at any time, but must unlock the levels in order.

Parents Need to Know

Code Karts is designed to teach the fundamental concept of coding in a way that's easy to understand, even for the youngest of children. Navigating the app is intuitive and there is no reading required. The app is excellent for teaching not only coding skills, but also directionality.

The app is free to download from the App Store. You can play 10 levels for free, but you'll need to make an in-app purchase (IAP) to unlock the full game. Not to worry though: any link or IAP is secured with a parental gate, and there are no third-party ads.

Over 70 levels, kids learn various programming concepts such if-then relationships

Over 70 levels, kids learn various programming concepts such if-then relationships

Things I Like

Code Karts is an excellent choice if you're looking to introduce your kids to programming. Packaged as a game, it helps kids get used to the fundamental skills required to code, such as problem solving, systematic thinking, and understanding sequences as well as cause-and-effect relationships (if-then concept). Kids also learn to debug their code; if there is a mistake in the sequence they created, they can easily switch the blocks around instead of starting from scratch.

In Competition mode, kids find an extra layer of fun by competing against a computer opponent to be the first to cross the finish line. The two cars starts at the same spot, but the track may branch into several paths. Some routes may contain speed ramps or oil spills, and kids must assess for themselves which is the best one to take. This mode is excellent because it tests the child's ability to solve problems efficiently.

The Competition mode lets kids play against an AI opponent in a race across the track

The Competition mode lets kids play against an AI opponent in a race across the track


If you want to introduce your preschool-aged kids to coding, Code Karts is a fantastic app. It's a great app: engaging, easy to use, and caters well to its target audience. The difficulty level is just right throughout the levels, so kids won't ever feel stressed or otherwise bored. Because the app allows multiple profiles to be set up on the same device, you can also use it in the classroom. Highly recommended!

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About Edoki Academy

Edoki Academy has been designing educational apps since 2010. Their philosophy: make children eager to learn, and more importantly, eager to understand by doing and having fun.

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