Mother Goose Club Has Educational Videos, Games, and Books for Kids

The Mother Goose Club app offers videos, games, and books for kids

The Mother Goose Club app offers videos, games, and books for kids

It's no secret that kids love watching videos, listen to stories, and play games. They can do all of these things with the Mother Goose Club app.

Videos, Games, and Books for Preschoolers

Mother Goose Club is a subscription-based service that provides hundreds of curated videos, games, and books. It's based on an educational show on YouTube featuring six characters from the Mother Goose world. The goal of the app, like the show, is to promote early literacy, math, and other important skills for preschoolers.

Navigating the app is easy. When you open the app, you will immediately see a selection of featured content. You can scroll through the thumbnails and tap to watch, read, or play. You can also use the menu items on the top of the screen to quickly jump to Movies, Books, or Games. You can also mark items as favorites for quick access.

To view an item, you will need to download it first. Once an item has been downloaded, it is kept on your device and can be viewed while you're not connected to the Internet. This is something to keep in mind if you're planning to bring the app with you while traveling.

What You're Getting

Video content is abundant in the app. There are two types of videos: animated videos and real-life action featuring a young and diverse cast. The videos are grouped by topics, for example, Letters, Friends and Family, Classic Rhymes, Space, Travel, Dress Up, and many others. An average video is about two to three minutes in length, though some are shorter and some are longer.

The books are narrated with text highlighting. They are also interactive, and kids can tap to discover funny surprises. There are only a handful of books at the time of review, but they are well made. The stories feature simple words, rhymes, and concept to engage young readers.

The games are simple enough for young kids to play, such as pairs, jigsaw puzzles, and sequencing games. The games are grouped by characters, and feature images related to that character. For example, Baa Baa's jigsaw puzzles feature scenes on the farm. In each game, the difficulty level increases to keep kids challenged.

The interactive books include narration and text highlighting to help early readers

The interactive books include narration and text highlighting to help early readers

Parents Need to Know

Mother Goose Club requires a monthly subscription. Once you've subscribed, you get access to existing books, games, and videos plus new content that is added every month. The app itself is free to download for iPhone and iPad, and there are no third-party ads.

The app includes a secured Parents' section, where you can manage options to show update messages, more apps, in-app purchases, App Store links, and word highlighting in the interactive books. You can also customize how much storage space the app can use, from as low as 500MB to unlimited. If you want, you can also choose to delete all content that has been downloaded.

Kids can choose from various mini games, such as jigsaw puzzles and pairs

Kids can choose from various mini games, such as jigsaw puzzles and pairs

Things I Like

Regardless whether your familiarity with the YouTube show, Mother Goose Club offers great value for kids. The content is well made, entertaining, and appropriate for its target audience. The real-life actors have great acting, voices, and costumes, and the animated videos are colorful. There is also wide variety of songs that help kids learn new vocabulary and concepts.

Finally, even though I prefer paying upfront for apps, I have to commend Mother Goose Club for its transparent pricing. There are only two subscription tiers—monthly or yearly—which takes out the confusion out of choosing which plan works best for you. I also like that the links to purchase are secured behind a parental gate.


I highly recommend Mother Goose Club if you're looking for high-quality and kid-friendly videos, books, and games. Based on a popular and award-winning show, the content is well produced and appropriate for preschoolers. Kids will delight in singing to popular nursery rhymes and dancing together with the Mother Goose characters. Because content can be downloaded and played while offline, the app is very convenient for traveling.

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