Sago Mini Town Lets Kids Build Their Own Cities

Kids can create the island town of their dreams in Sago Mini Town

Kids can create the island town of their dreams in Sago Mini Town

Do your children love playing with building blocks and telling stories about their creations? If they do, they will love this new app from Sago Mini: Sago Mini Town. Inspired by classic city-building playmats, the interactive app gives kids the building blocks to create the city of their dreams.

Create Your Island Paradise

In Sago Mini Town, kids start by choosing from four unique locations: Lighthouse Island, City Island, Treehouse Island and Farm Island. Each location is home to a Sago Mini friend, for example, Farm Island is the home of Jack the rabbit while City Island is Jinja the cat's. More friends will also appear as kids expand their island town.

To start building, kids simply drag and drop animated story tiles anywhere on the screen. They start with five basic tiles, which then produce hundreds of different combinations. For example, the "grass" tiles may be placed to create houses and landmarks, while the "dirt" tiles may produce various crops and trees.

Once a tile is placed, it can also be moved or replaced with another tile. Kids can also drag a Sago Mini friend onto a tile to uncover unique interactions. Moving a character onto a "road" tile, for example, will make a car appear. There are also other surprises, such as a volcano, a whoopee cushion, a rocket launcher, and the elusive treasure chest at the end of the rainbow. The more tiles kids use, the more surprises they can find.

Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that Sago Mini Town is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers ages 2-5. It promotes open-ended play and creative storytelling, and as such contains no rules, no timers, and no high scores. Kids can play however they like and build whatever they like, whether it's a bustling island city or a tropical island paradise.

The goal of the app is to encourage kids to get creative and develop their storytelling skills. Parents can help by asking their kids questions about their town, for example, what life is like in the town or what the inhabitants do for fun. A letter from the developer, included in the app, offers tips and background info about the app's design.

Sago Mini Town is also free of in-app purchases and third-party ads. You don't need an Internet connection to play.

Choose from four locations to start

Choose from four locations to start

Things I Like

Sago Mini Town is great. I like how it offers young kids the tools for creating but without the complexity found in apps for older kids. The tile mechanism is very simple to understand, but it's possible to create unique worlds with it. And because there are so many surprises to discover, kids will have plenty of things to talk about.

As always with Sago Mini apps, the visuals are really in Sago Mini Town. The islands look colorful and vibrant, and the background music is easy on the ears. I like the paper doll style of the graphics, I think it adds to the app's playfulness.

Add or swap tiles to expand your island and discover hundreds of combinations

Add or swap tiles to expand your island and discover hundreds of combinations


I highly recommend Sago Mini Town if your kids love creating things and telling stories. It's cute and engaging, and it lets kids run wild their imagination. It's also really simple to use, and most kids will be able to play with little help from adults.

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