Pango Build Park Lets Kids Create Their Own Amusement Parks

In Pango Build Park, kids can create their own amusement park

In Pango Build Park, kids can create their own amusement park

If your kids could build their own amusement park, what would it look like? Come and find out in Studio Pango's newest creation, Pango Build Park. It's an interactive app that lets kids build and step into their own worlds of attractions.

Build Your Own Amusement Park

In Pango Build Park, kids begin by selecting from nine pre-made worlds or create their own from scratch. They can then fill the park with rides and attractions, such as roller coasters, Ferris wheels, merry-go-rounds, and haunted houses. They can also add decorations, trees, paths, food stalls, and other details. They can change the color and orientation of each item as necessary.

The app has no rules, timer, or scores, and kids can build any way they like. They can, for example, pack as many thrill rides as possible in the available space, or build spacious walkways with plenty of trees and benches. There are more than 40 kinds of items to work with, and kids can move or delete items that have been added to the park.

Once kids are happy with their amusement park, they can step inside their creation to explore. They can move Pango and his friends around, place them on rides, and tap on various items to discover surprises. There is also a neat feature where kids can view the park as seen through each character's eyes. Simply tap on the camera button then select the character to slip into a movie view of the world.

Parents Need to Know

Pango Build Park lets kids create and save multiple amusement parks. They can go to any of their saved works to edit or simply explore. As mentioned, kids can work with pre-made parks or start with a blank canvas. The app is suitable for ages 3 and up.

Like all Pango apps, Pango Build Park has no third-party ads. It has no in-app purchases; all content is included with the initial download. You don't need an Internet connection to use the app.

Discover various surprises when you interact with the app

Discover various surprises when you interact with the app

Things I Like

Pango Build Park is incredibly exciting to play. Kids will love building their own worlds or just enjoy watching the characters play. There are plenty of building items and rides to choose from, as well as surprises to discover, so kids will be engaged in the app for a good long while. One of my favorite secrets is how you can change the character's costumes by dragging them into buildings like the castle and the haunted house. You can also switch from day to night by tapping on the sun.

In addition to a lot of fun, the app is easy to use. There is no reading required, so it's accessible to kids of all ages and abilities. It promotes creativity and play, which is always good in my book.

Step into your amusement park and view it as seen through the characters' eyes

Step into your amusement park and view it as seen through the characters' eyes


All in all, Pango Build Park is a terrific app for kids with big imagination and a knack for building things. It's not only great-looking, but also engaging and easy to use. There is plenty of room for creating and exploring, and kids of all ages can enjoy the app all the same. Highly recommended.

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