The Tune Zoo is a Fun Way to Learn Music Theory for Kids

Kids can explore notes and harmonies in The Tune Zoo

Kids can explore notes and harmonies in The Tune Zoo

Music is always a popular subject among kids, hence the number of music-related apps on the App Store. Over the years, I have collected a list of favorite music apps for kids: Tongo Music, Loopimal, and more. The Tune Zoo is the latest app to get on that list.

Developed by Extraordinary Facility, the Tune Zoo is an interactive toy that allows kids of all ages create music with the help of quirky characters. Along the way, they also learn the fundamentals of music, such as melody and rhythm.

Explore the Musical Scales

In The Tune Zoo, kids manipulate colorful characters to create their own songs: they can tap the red characters and stretch the blue and yellow characters' heads to play the notes in a five-note scale, while tapping the gray speakers to toggle beats and background melodies. A black cloud also occasionally floats by, which can be tapped to produce percussion sounds.

As kids play, they can swipe the screen to switch between several different scales: Five Note, Blues, Ethiopian, and Indian. They can also open up a pop-up that explains each scale and how it works. For example, Five Note scales are also known as Pentatonic scales, and can be found in folk music all over the world.

At the top of the screen, kids can find buttons that allow them to record their own music, move the characters up and down the octaves, and record loops. The record feature captures everything that happens on screen for up to two minutes, and saves it as a video that can then be saved to the Camera Roll or shared with others.

Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that the Tune Zoo is a creative, open-ended app without any high score or time limit. There is no right or wrong, and kids are free to experiment with various musical elements. The app listing says it's made for ages 9-11, but it's simple enough that younger kids can also join in on the fun.

The app has no adverts and no in-app purchases. It doesn't require any Internet connection to play. Prior to downloading the app, please note that it's available for iPad only, and requires iOS 10 to use.

Record loops for your songs

Record loops for your songs

Things I Like

The Tune Zoo is so simple to use and engaging that kids of all ages can jump in and start mixing their own sounds. The design of the app makes it possible to create acceptable music, even if they have little to no experience in making music. On the other hand, experienced musicians can also use the app to explore each musical scale.

The app also has great production value. The sound quality is excellent, and the graphics bright and colorful. Kids will have a lot of fun pulling on the characters' heads to make them sing, and recording their creations to share later. What's also nice is that the app supports multitouch, which means family and friends can play together.

Learn where each musical note comes from and how it works

Learn where each musical note comes from and how it works


I highly recommend the Tune Zoo if your kids love music and making music. There is a lot of fun to be had as kids experiment with different notes and rhythm to create their own sounds, plus they can learn about musical scales from around the world. What's more, this charming app is easy to use and accessible to everyone regardless of age and ability.

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