Kids Build Their Own World of Cars in Fiete Cars

In Fiete Cars, kids can build their own worlds and drive around in them

In Fiete Cars, kids can build their own worlds and drive around in them

Car games are always popular with kids. So it's no surprise to see many kid app developers making apps about cars, trains, trucks, and more. Ahoiii is the latest to hop on the bandwagon with Fiete Cars.

The Craziest Car Driving-App

Designed for ages 5 and up, Fiete Cars is a playful app where kids build their own world of cars and play in it however they like. They start with a simple, straight path and a single car, but later on they can collect stars to unlock new building blocks and vehicles.

The controls are fairly simple. To move the car forward and backward, kids simply tap on either edges of the screen. They can also zoom in or zoom out on the scenery using the plus and minus buttons on the top right. To start building, they tap on the hammer button on the bottom of the screen.

Once in the building interface, kids simply drag and drop to add roads, ramps, buildings, and more. There are no rules, so they can get as creative as they want. They can build straight or curvy roads or add speed ramps and ski jumps. There are also whoopee cushions that can boost vehicles into the air, elevators, and even secret portals.

In addition to building their own roads, kids can choose from 20 unique vehicles: race horse, motorcycle, stroller, monster truck, excavator, and others. They can also choose a driver from a cast of characters, from the titular character Fiete to the spunky Grandma Lara.

Parents Need to Know

Fiete Cars is available for free on the App Store. The initial download includes 2 cars, 6 building parts, and all 6 drivers. If your kids enjoy the app, you have the option to unlock all 20 cars and 25 building blocks via a one-time in-app purchase (IAP).

Like all Fiete apps, Fiete Cars is designed with kids' safety in mind. There is only one IAP, and it is protected behind a parental gate. There are no third-party ads.

Collect stars to unlock more building items and vehicles

Collect stars to unlock more building items and vehicles

Things I Like

Fiete Cars is fantastic. Unlike many car-driving apps, which offer pre-made or fixed routes, it lets kids create their own worlds. This not only encourages creativity, but also promotes curiosity and logical thinking. For example, kids can learn some surfaces can provide more traction than others. They can also observe how a vehicle's weight and speed affect its movement. These interactive details facilitate learning through play.

As well as a lot of fun, Fiete Cars is also well made. Even though there is no text, it's easy find your way around the app. As always with Fiete apps, the graphics are gorgeous. I'm also impressed at the diversity of the drivers: not only boys and girls, but kids and adults are also represented in the app.

Choose from 20 unique vehicles and 6 different drivers

Choose from 20 unique vehicles and 6 different drivers


I highly recommend Fiete Cars if your kids love playing with vehicles. This app is engaging for boys and girls alike. It facilitates many ways to play, so your kids are going to have fun regardless whether they prefer a relaxing drive or high-speed stunts. And as they play, they also develop important skills such as creativity and logical thinking.

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About Ahoiii

Ahoiii is a small app development studio based in Cologne, Germany. They create beautifully formed apps for children, which are fun and encourage children to learn something through playing.

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