Colorful App Miffy's World Invites Preschoolers to Learn and Play

Miffy's World is an engaging activity app for preschoolers

Miffy's World is an engaging activity app for preschoolers

Created by artist Dick Bruna in 1955, Miffy the white rabbit has been featured in picture books, television series, and a movie. Now, she's also the star of her own app: Miffy's World. Developed by StoryToys, the 3D interactive app invites kids to explore Miffy's colorful world.

Meet Miffy

In Miffy's World, kids join Miffy on her daily adventures. They start by waking her up then they help her choose what to wear, brush her teeth, go potty, or take a bath. Afterwards, they can go downstairs to meet her family members and explore various rooms in her home. They can also go outside and have fun in the garden. At the end of the day, when Miffy is tired, they can tuck her into bed and wait for a new day to arrive.

What's interesting is that every day offers new surprises. New items arrive in the mail from Uncle Pilot: chocolate for baking a cake, a red ball for Miffy's dog Snuffy, seeds to plant in the garden, and more. Sometimes it rains, other times it's windy enough for flying a kite. The more kids play, the more activities they can discover.

As kids explore, a narrator gently provides suggestions, comments, as well as praises for a job well done. For example, he says, "That's a good idea!" when Miffy remarks that she should brush her teeth. When Miffy is sleepy, he suggests that kids put her to sleep. Kids can choose to follow or ignore the narrator's suggestions. There is no repercussion either way.

Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that Miffy's World is ideal for ages 5 and under. It features an open-ended gameplay with no rules, scores, or timer. There is no right or wrong way to play the app; it's all about exploring and discovering new things. Because kids don't have to follow a predetermined course, they can leave the app and come back anytime they want.

The app has no third-party ads and no in-app purchases. There are links to the developer's other apps on the App Store, but they are secured behind a parental gate. Kids who don't speak English can choose from five other languages: Dutch, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

Kids follow Miffy as she goes about her day, and help her with various tasks

Kids follow Miffy as she goes about her day, and help her with various tasks

Things I Like

Miffy's World is a lovely app for little fingers. It's packed with calming, gentle activities that not only familiarize kids with daily tasks, but also inspire creativity and self-expression. For example, kids can decide how to dress Miffy. They can also help her decorate cakes, and build things using colorful building blocks.

What's nice about the app is that kids are in charge of their playtime. Although the app occasionally offers suggestions on what to do, they decide for themselves what they want to do. The fact that more activities are revealed as they play, serves as an incentive for them to explore the app further.

Looks-wise, the app is great. It sports great-looking 3D graphics that I've come to associate with StoryToys apps. The color palette is predominantly primary colors, which appeals to young kids. The animations are also smooth.

The more kids play, the more activities are unlocked in the app

The more kids play, the more activities are unlocked in the app


Overall, Miffy's World is a terrific app. Whether your child is a dedicated Miffy fan or new to the franchise, he or she will love completing all kinds of activities in this tranquil app. Miffy is a great role model as well, always polite and caring towards her family.

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About StoryToys

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