Alana Banana Gets Kids Singing, Dancing, and Creating

The Alana Banana show combines real action, puppetry, and animation to inspire young kids to sing, dance, and dream

The Alana Banana show combines real action, puppetry, and animation to inspire young kids to sing, dance, and dream

Music is an important aspect in children's development, helping them learn new things and igniting their creativity. Inspired by the power of music, the Alana Banana app invites kids to learn, dream, and create with songs, videos, and games.

The Alana Banana Show

The Alana Banana Show is an original variety show for preschoolers, featuring a combination of live action, puppetry, and flash animation. Led by the lively Alana Banana, the show gets kids singing, dancing, and also learning valuable lessons for their cognitive and social development.

The Alana Banana app is based on the show, and comprises of four sections: Videos, Music, Coloring, and Memory. Kids can start with any section they want. To choose a section, they simply tap the appropriate wooden marker on the main screen.

In the Videos section, kids can watch episodes from the show on the app's video player. Each episode features a theme that kids can learn from and relate to, for example, the concept of fast and slow, farm animals, and various holidays. Kids can tap to watch the videos in fullscreen.

The Music section has a virtual keyboard which kids can play. There are three modes: play along to your favorite song, play note by note, and free play. Kids can customize the sound of the keyboard; they can choose from piano, guitar, or monkey chatters. In the play along mode, they can also toggle on or off the accompanying instruments and vocals.

In the Coloring section, kids can color in pictures of Alana and Banana and her puppet friends. The app includes an assortment of drawing tools and a large color palette to work with, so kids can let their imagination run. There is also a free-draw mode if they want to draw their own pictures.

Finally, the last section contains the classic memory game where kids try to match pairs of cards. The decks feature themes like farm, dog, and space. The game has four difficulty levels, starting from easy (8 cards) to really hard (20 cards).

Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that Alana Banana is designed for ages 2-5. Navigating the app is fairly simple, and kids can also tap the question mark on the top left to bring up an animated tutorial. This tutorial is present in every section, so they shouldn't have any problems getting started.

The app free to download from the App Store. The initial download includes all the videos, three songs, two drawing pages, and the first two levels of the memory games. You can unlock the rest of the content via a single in-app purchase, secured behind a parental gate. The app has no third-party ads.

Kids can color in pictures of Alana Banana and her friends

Kids can color in pictures of Alana Banana and her friends

Things I Like

The Alana Banana app is really well made. It's easy to use, colorful, and safe for kids. Between videos and games, there is plenty of activities in the app to keep kids entertained for some time.

The show itself has excellent production value. The songs and animations are appealing, and there is plenty of kid-friendly jokes to go around. I love the diversity of the cast: in addition to the charming Alana Banana, kids can meet Beet the DJ-ing vegetable, Bill the Spanish bear who loves music, Grandma Phone the blues-loving record player, and other interesting characters.

One thing I'd really like to see is the ability to download the videos for offline viewing, which would make the app a great companion for traveling. It would also be nice if watched videos are marked as such, as I sometimes forgot which videos I have watched previously.

Learn to play songs on the colorful virtual keyboard

Learn to play songs on the colorful virtual keyboard


If your kids love to sing and dance, or just having fun in general, they will love the Alana Banana app. It offers plenty of activities to keep them entertained and at the same time, help them develop foundational skills such as recognizing colors and shapes, visual memory, and language processing. The app is also well-made and easy to use, so kids can play with minimal help from grown-ups. Highly recommended!

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