Kids Discover Fire Truck, Spaceship, and Submarine with Little Tiger

Kids can ride a fire truck, a spaceship, or a boat in Little Tiger

Kids can ride a fire truck, a spaceship, or a boat in Little Tiger

Do you have kids that love toy vehicles? If you do, be sure to check out Little Tiger: Fire Truck, Submarine, Spaceship. In this new app from wonderkind, vehicle-loving kids can go on exciting adventures alongside adorable animal friends.

Go on a Journey Through Worlds

When kids open the app, they choose a driver and co-driver from four animal companions: panda, tiger, unicorn, and elephant. Then, they select from three activities. They can save the day with the fire truck, visit distant planets in a spaceship, or sail the seas in a submarine.

Whichever adventure kids choose, they will discover exciting surprises. While driving the fire truck, for example, they can rescue cats stuck in trees, clear obstacles from the road, and put out fires with their fingers. With the spaceship, they can fly to colorful new planets to collect precious stones. And the submarine allows them to water-ski, fish, or dive underwater to find treasure.

Designed for little fingers, Little Tiger is easy to navigate and use. There is no direction, but most kids will easily figure out what to do as they need only tap, and sometimes drag, to play. There isn't any limit, so kids can take their time exploring.

Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that Little Tiger features an open-ended gameplay suitable for ages 2-7. There is no right or wrong choice; it's all about exploration and play. Because it doesn't contain any text, non-readers can also join in on the fun.

The app is safe for kids. It contains no advertising and in-app purchases, and it doesn't require an Internet connection to play.

Explore colorful planets and collect precious stones

Explore colorful planets and collect precious stones

Things I Like

Little Tiger is a cute app, especially for younger kids with a love for vehicles. It lets them run wild with their imagination, while subtly helping them refine their motor skills. It also promotes logical thinking as kids try to figure out how to use the tools to remove obstacles and complete the mini games.

With a few friends and activities to choose from, the app offers good replay value. A welcome addition would be the ability to customize the vehicle, as well as additional interactions to make each journey less predictable. That said, overall the app is fairly entertaining, and would make a solid starting point for kids to create their own stories.

Discover fun mini games and surprises in each adventure

Discover fun mini games and surprises in each adventure


If your kids love vehicles, they will love Little Tiger: Fire Truck, Spaceship, and Submarine. This adorable app takes them on adventures across the world, and encourages them to imagine and tell their own stories. With gorgeous graphics and adorable friends to play with, it's sure to delight ages 2 and up.

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