Beat the Winter Blues with Sago Mini World's Snow Day

Sago Mini Snow Day takes kids on a jolly sleigh ride

Sago Mini Snow Day takes kids on a jolly sleigh ride

Snow days are fun until the moment your kids decide they've had enough of playing in the snow, and now you're stuck indoors with a bunch of bored kids. Quick, what do you do? If your kids are little, you can load up Sago Mini World on your iPad and play Sago Mini Snow Day.

Snow Day Fun Day

Sago Mini Snow Day is an open-ended experience in which kids choose a sled (and two friendly companions) and ride it through a snowy landscape. Along the way, they can discover dozens of silly surprises. For instance, they can pop colorful balloons, ride through ice sculptures, roll giant snowballs, and more. Kids can also stop by the shops to play three mini games: snowman building, hot chocolate making, and tree decorating. The Sago Mini characters react to the things they see throughout the ride, creating a rich and playful experience.

As ever with Sago Mini apps, it's all about exploring and letting their imagination run wild. There are no rules, scores, or time limit. There are also no instructions. Even though the gameplay is quite straightforward, there is plenty to keep kids amused as each sleigh ride presents new, random things to discover.

Choose from a variety of fun sleigh designs

Choose from a variety of fun sleigh designs

What is Sago Mini World?

Sago Mini Snow Day is currently available only in Sago Mini World, a subscription program that gives families access to Sago Mini's complete collection of games through a single app. For $4.49/month or $35.99/yearly, you get unlimited access to 20+ games and all forthcoming new releases and exclusive contents (such as daily postcards from your kids' favorite Sago Mini Characters). One subscription also works across all of your family's devices.

Once subscribed, you can download the games in Sago Mini World for your kids to play later without WiFi or Internet access. This is especially useful when you need to go on a road trip or long flights.

Sago Mini World has no third-party ads or in-app purchases for members. The subscription process is protected by a parental gate, and you can cancel your subscription anytime with no cancellation fees.

Things I Like

Fans of previous Sago Mini apps would instantly love Snow Day. The gameplay is very similar to titles like Road Trip and Planes, which let kids be in charge of their playtime. The production is excellent as usual with great interactivity, beautiful animations, and satisfying sound effects.

If you're new to Sago Mini, Sago Mini World is a terrific option to get the entire collection in one go. I've tried every single Sago Mini app out there and seriously, they're the best. Kids love them and will spend hours playing them, so you do get your money's worth. If you're curious, you can download the app for free and get 7 days of free unlimited access to test out the app.

If you're a longtime fan and you already have all the apps in the catalog, don't worry. Snow Day would eventually be available as a standalone app. Be sure to watch this space to be informed when it releases!

Get 20+ games plus exclusive contents when you subscribe to Sago Mini World

Get 20+ games plus exclusive contents when you subscribe to Sago Mini World


I highly recommend Sago Mini World to anyone with preschool-aged kids. You'll get not only 20+ great apps in one place, but also early access to upcoming releases and exclusive contents. Their new exclusive title, Snow Day, is the perfect app to beat winter blues. If you're unsure what to get your kids (or fellow parents) this holiday season, gift them a subscription to Sago Mini World.

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