BANDIMAL is a Fun Music-Making App for Kids

BANDIMAL makes it easy for kids to create their own music

BANDIMAL makes it easy for kids to create their own music

Kids love making music as much as they enjoy listening to them. BANDIMAL is an app that makes the process much easier and enjoyable for the kids and the parents who have to listen to them. It's the brainchild of the folks at YATATOY, who previously brought us the gems like LOOPIMAL and MIXIMAL.

An Easy Music Creator for Kids

What is BANDIMAL? Well, it's a music composer for kids which doesn't require any musical knowledge or ability to read notes. Instead, they assemble a band of animals to create musical loops.

When kids open the app, they will see three panels that they can fill with animals of their choosing: a panda, whale, chicken, jellyfish, and so on. Each animal represents a musical instrument, with bigger animals producing lower tones and the smaller ones making higher tones.

After kids fill a panel with an animal, they can drag colorful bars to compose a melody. The bars represent beats, and the length of a bar corresponds to a note. Kids can change the loop speed by simply turning a dial and add drum track by tapping the icon above the animal.

Once kids are happy with their composition, they can save it to their collection. They can return to their saved compositions, by tapping the appropriate thumbnails on the main screen.

Parents Need to Know

In BANDIMAL, there are no rules, no scores, and no limit to what kids can create. Kids are free to experiment with various beats and tones until they get the effect they desire. Everything will sound great because the melodies are based on pentatonic scales and so the notes always work together.

The app has no in-app purchases or third-party ads. Parents can access a secured "Info" section and see other apps by the same developer, from the main screen. The app works well on iPhone and iPad, and doesn't require Internet connection.

Choose up to three animals to assemble your band

Choose up to three animals to assemble your band

Things I Like

There is a lot of fun to be had in BANDIMAL. Though there are no instructions for playing, navigation is fairly straightforward. Some trial and error will be necessary but it's not frustrating, and I'd even argue that it's part of the creative process. Kids will have a blast making their own music and watching the cartoon animals bob to the beat that they created.

One thing I'd like to see in future updates is a record feature. While it's nice that you can save the composition you've created in the app, it would be more exciting to be able to export it as a video.

Create melodies simply by adjusting the colorful bars on screen

Create melodies simply by adjusting the colorful bars on screen


BANDIMAL is a terrific app for young kids to experiment with music and rhythm. With an intuitive interface, kids can create great-sounding tunes without needing to possess any musical knowledge. The melodies have an upbeat, electronic feel, and kids will surely giggle at the sight of the animals getting stretched and squished to match the beat. Highly recommended.

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