Toca Life: Pets Gets Kids Taking Care of Animals

Toca Life: Pets lets kids play with 120+ animals in five unique locations

Toca Life: Pets lets kids play with 120+ animals in five unique locations

People who grow up with pets know just how wonderful animals can be. They keep you company, play with you, and love you unconditionally. You should always consider a family pet if you can afford to keep them, but if not there's always Toca Life: Pets.

It's a new title from Toca Boca and the latest addition to their series of virtual playsets. As you might have guessed, it's built around the idea of taking care of your own animal companions. And with more than 120 animals, Toca Life: Pets has every kind of pet you can imagine.

Play with 120+ Animals

There are five locations to explore in the app: the pet park, pet hotel, vet, pet shop, and breeder's bungalow. Each location is filled with characters, animals, and things for kids to move around and play with, fueling their imagination as they come up with various scenarios. They can shop for food and toys at the pet store, leave their pets to relax at the pet hotel, or take care of sick animals at the vet. At the park, they can have a picnic on the grass, train their pets at the agility course, and even make the animals use the litter box and then clean up after them. At the breeder's bungalow, they can hang out in the greenhouse, splash in the mud, and give their pets a bath.

As always with Toca Life apps, there is so much to do but there are no rules or instructions. Kids are free to come and go and poke around in each location as they please. There are also tons of surprises to discover, for example, the park has a secret cave filled with camping gear. Clothes and accessories are available almost everywhere, and kids can use these to dress up the diverse cast of characters.

For kids who love to show off their work, there's a recording feature which lets them record videos up to two minutes long and save them to the camera roll. The video will include any sound and on-screen movements made during the recording.

Parents Need to Know

Toca Life: Pets features an open-ended gameplay with no rules, time limit, or high scores. It's easy to use and suitable for ages four and up. The app supports multitouch so it's perfect for siblings who want to play together on the same device.

The app is available for iPad and iPhone. It has no ads and no in-app purchases. Note that there is a "Life Weekly" section accessible from the main screen, and it contains funny videos, insider tips, and other news from Toca Boca. If you want, you can turn off this section, as well as the recording feature and app's music, from your device's settings menu.

Choose from a diverse cast of characters to play out your stories

Choose from a diverse cast of characters to play out your stories

Things I Like

There are so many things you can do in Toca Life: Pets that kids can be engrossed in play for hours. Between collecting new available animals and uncovering all the hidden secrets, they won't ever feel bored. And judging by the amount of potty humor found in the app, they won't ever stop giggling either.

What sets Toca Boca apart from other children's app developers is their spirit of inclusion. Toca Life: Pets has 23 new characters that are quite diverse in age and skin tone. Then there are all kinds of animals you can imagine, from cats and dogs to snakes and lizards to axolotls and jellyfish. There's even a dog in a wheelchair. With such diversity, kids will be able to create stories that truly feel like their own.

Discover hidden surprises for some extra fun!

Discover hidden surprises for some extra fun!


Toca Life: Pets is a fantastic playset. It's overloaded with animal friends to play with and surprises to discover. Because the app has no rules, kids can let their imagination run free and just have fun. Perfect for animal-loving kids.

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