Kids Drive, Build, and Bulldoze in the All-New Dr. Panda Trucks

Drive and operate seven different trucks in the all-new Dr. Panda app

Drive and operate seven different trucks in the all-new Dr. Panda app

Many kids love trucks and big vehicles. If your child happens to be one of these car-loving tots then you might want to check out Dr. Panda Trucks! It's the latest app to come from the hit app-maker, and as you might have guessed, it's about having fun with trucks and heavy machines.

What's It About

Dr. Panda Trucks is a virtual playset in which kids can drive and operate heavy machinery as they explore a construction site. Using seven different trucks and machines, they can create and destroy buildings. The app is all about open-ended play, so there is no wrong or right way to play. There is, however, plenty of room for creativity as kids choose the materials, color, and design of their buildings.

When kids open the app for the fist time, they will see a tutorial on how to control each truck/machine. Different trucks have different jobs, and kids can switch trucks as necessary to complete various tasks. For example, they can use the dump truck to deliver materials to the construction site, then use the crane machine to stack materials on top of each other.

To construct a building, kids must first collect bricks and rooftops from the factories on the edges of the construction site. There are several types of bricks and rooftops to choose from, plus they can visit the paint factory to change the colors of their selected materials.

Other than constructing buildings, kids can explore the rest of the construction site to discover hidden surprises and animations. For example, they can drive their truck through a slippery mud puddle, observe a creepy t-rex fossil, drive across the rainbow xylophone to play music, and play car soccer for a cheerful crowd. They can also get their truck cleaned at the car wash.

Parents Need to Know

Dr. Panda Trucks is free to download for iPhone and iPad. The initial download allows you to play with four vehicles (bulldozer, crane, wrecking crane, and dump truck) and the brick factory for free. You can unlock the rest of the vehicles (drill, tank, and power cleaner) and the buildings (carwash, paint factory, and roofing factory) via in-app purchases (IAPs). These IAPs are placed behind a parental gate to prevent kids from making unwanted purchases. There are no third-party ads in Dr. Panda Trucks.

Collect materials and use them to construct your buildings, or knock them down with the wrecking ball

Collect materials and use them to construct your buildings, or knock them down with the wrecking ball

Things I Like

Dr. Panda Trucks is a great app for kids who love trucks and big vehicles. There is a lot of fun to be had just by taking each vehicle for a spin and figuring out what it does. Kids with a creative eye will love picking out materials and colors for their buildings, and those with a wild streak will adore knocking down things with the wrecking ball.

Outside the construction site, there is a ton of surprises to find. For example, did you know that the dinosaur bones move when you drive near it? These silly animations are bound to keep kids engaged for hours on end.

One thing I do feel could be improved is the controls, which do take a while to get used to. Perhaps enlarging the size of the grid and the materials would make the controls easier for younger kids. As of now, I would recommend the app for ages five and up who don't struggle with fine motor controls.

Visit the factories to collect materials for your building

Visit the factories to collect materials for your building


Do check out Dr. Panda Trucks if your kids love trucks, big vehicles, and construction sites. It's a lot of fun to play, and there's room for creativity as well. With so many things to do, kids will be entertained for hours on end.

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About Dr. Panda

Dr. Panda develops games with educational values that help kids learn about the world. All of their games are safe and do not contain inappropriate content.

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