We ARGH Pirates by Avokiddo is a Fun Adventure Game for Kids

Go on a treasure hunt in We ARGH Pirates

Go on a treasure hunt in We ARGH Pirates

Treasure hunts are a great way to keep kids entertained. Developer Avokiddo proves this with their latest app, We ARGH Pirates. It's an exciting adventure game in which kids help a quirky band of pirates on their quest to find a hidden treasure.

What's It About

In We ARGH Pirates, kids follow a treasure map through eight unique locations on the Island of Gems. Each location presents its own set of challenges, and kids must be prepared to use their wits and quick reflexes to stay ahead. At one location, for example, they must steer the pirate ship through perilous water while collecting cannon balls and avoiding giant rocks. At another location, they must figure out which series of doorways will get the crew to the top of a volcano. Once they get to the volcano, they must then navigate their way through fiery pits. There's a good mix of puzzles and arcade action to go around, so kids are sure to have fun playing.

Follow the treasure map through eight unique locations

Follow the treasure map through eight unique locations

How to Play

We ARGH Pirates has a linear storyline, meaning that kids must complete every challenge in order. The locations are unlocked one at a time, as marked on the treasure map. It's possible for kids to fail a challenge, but they will simply go back to the nearest checkpoint instead of starting over from the beginning. This makes the game a lot less frustrating for little ones and kids who are new to adventure games in general.

There is no text in the game. Instead, instructions are provided through animated hand gestures, for example, a hand moving up means that kids need to swipe up to move the object or character on screen. The controls themselves are pretty simple, but note that some challenges are fast-paced and will require kids to be quick with their fingers.

Parents Need to Know

We ARGH Pirates is designed for ages 6 and up. It's a paid app with no in-app purchases and no third-party ads. You don't need an Internet connection to play.

Things I Like

Another excellent release from Avokiddo, We ARGH Pirates dazzle with an entertaining gameplay and top-notch productions. Everything looks so polished, from the design of the pirate crew down to the game sounds. And the challenges presented throughout the app are just gold. I love how they get kids to practice a range of cognitive skills, including logic and problem solving, in a fun way.

In terms of improvements, it would be nice if you could spend the gold that you can collect throughout the game. Perhaps it could be used to unlock an additional mini game or costumes for the pirates. It would make a nice incentive for kids to come back to the game once they've finished the main quest.

Use problem-solving skills and quick reflexes to breeze through the challenges

Use problem-solving skills and quick reflexes to breeze through the challenges


I highly recommend We ARGH Pirates if you're looking for a wholesome game for your kids. More than just a gorgeous experience, it provides thrilling puzzles for kids to sharpen their brain and improve their hand-eye coordination. A true gem that's worth adding to your child's game collection.

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About Avokiddo

Avokiddo is an award-winning creative studio specializing in the development of quality educational apps for children.

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