TALU Town Encourages Kindness Through Interactive Playset

Explore the town to help out your fellow citizens and discover surprises in TALU Town

Explore the town to help out your fellow citizens and discover surprises in TALU Town

In a world filled with so much hatred and turmoil, kindness is one of the most important things we can teach our children. Little 10 Robot aims to help parents with this task with their new app, TALU Town. It's a digital playset that helps kids develop empathy while also practicing a range of cognitive skills.

What's It About

TALU Town is an interactive experience in which kids drive around a virtual city and help friendly characters with various tasks—disguised as mini games. Each task requires kids to put on their thinking cap as they practice counting, matching, sorting, shapes, puzzles, and more. Completing each task allows them to earn stars, which can be used to buy new cars and outfits.

When kids open the app, they will see their car on a street lined with shops. Using the arrows on either sides of the street, they can drive their car forward or backward. They can also switch the driver by dragging a character from the street into the car.

To visit a shop, kids must tap and hold for a few seconds. Once inside, a narrator will tell them about the shop's problem and what they can do to help. For example, the florist has pipes that need fixing, the post office has mails that need sorting, and the toy shop has broken toys that must be found and separated from the good ones. Kids will also run into characters along the street who need assistance, such as the farmer who has dropped his basket of apples.

Parents Need to Know

TALU Town is suitable for ages 5 and under. Navigation is fairly simple, though parents might need to show younger kids how to "tap and hold" to get to the mini games. The app includes narration in English, and reading isn't necessary to play.

The app has no in-app purchases and no third-party ads. It doesn't require an Internet connection.

Practice your skills in various mini games

Practice your skills in various mini games

Things I Like

TALU Town is fantastic. I love the concept of fostering empathy through games, and though there isn't an app that will transform your kids overnight, TALU Town is pretty darn useful. I really like how the narrator ends every activity with the catchphrase "things are looking up!", which reinforces how even the smallest act of kindness—such as helping deliver a key or package—can greatly lighten someone's burden.

The activities themselves are simple but educational, and there is enough variety in the app to keep kids entertained. The reward system is also a nice way to get kids to play and learn more.

Earn stars to buy new outfits and cars for your characters

Earn stars to buy new outfits and cars for your characters


I highly recommend TALU Town if you're looking for a meaningful app for your kids. This colorful playset features fun games that not only teach kids cognitive skills but also the value of helping others. It also has lots of surprises to discover! Excellent for preschool-aged kids or older.

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