Trilo Music ABC Introduces Kids to Letters and Letter Sounds

Kids can explore letters and letter sounds in Trilo Music ABC

Kids can explore letters and letter sounds in Trilo Music ABC

Before kids can learn to read and write, they must first be able to recognize letters and letter sounds. Trilo Music ABC is an app designed to introduce them to the wonderful world of letters through educational games and songs.

Learn Letters and Letter Sounds

In Trilo Music ABC, kids will find two games and open-ended activity to help them learn their ABCs. Each game is designed to provide them with a hands-on experience so they can explore each letter in the alphabet and the sounds they represent.

In Game 1, kids learn to recognize letters and their sounds, by putting back the escaped letters back to their respective lockers before the time runs out. Each letter resemble an animal or object that begins with that letter; for example, the letter B has the distinctive features of a brown bear. Kids can also touch each letter to listen to its sound.

In Game 2, kids explore letter sounds on the alphabet keyboard. They can play along to various nursery rhymes, such as "The ABC Song", "Itsy Bitsy Spider", and "Wheels on the Bus". As they tap away, Frank the zombie dances on the side to imitate each letter.

Whenever kids complete a game, they earn a new letter to keep in the Complete Letter section. They can also use the letters they have collected to put on a show in the Perform section. It's an open-ended activity where they drag letters onto the stage to spell any word they want.

In any of the games, kids can switch between uppercase and lowercase letters anytime. They simply tap the letter icon on the top left to make switch.

Parents Need to Know

Trilo Music ABC is suitable for kids ages three and up. Not only is the app simple and easy to use, it's also clearly narrated in English. As such, even the youngest kids will be able to play without any problems.

The app is currently free to download and play, with no ads and no in-app purchases. It doesn't contain social media links or require any Internet connection.

Explore letter sounds with the app's unique letter keyboard

Explore letter sounds with the app's unique letter keyboard

Things I Like

Trilo Music ABC makes learning more exciting by engaging multiple senses at once. Kids not only see, but also touch and listen to discover the names and sounds of each letter in the alphabet. Each activity is entertaining, with colorful graphics and silly animations. I am especially fond of the Perform activity as it gives kids a chance to explore spelling in a pressure-free environment.

As kids work their way through the games, the characters in the app provide them with positive reinforcements. For example, "That was a nice performance!" or "Well done!" Kids are not penalized when they make a mistake; they simply try again until they are able to complete the game.

Explore spelling by dragging the letters onto the stage and watching them put on a show

Explore spelling by dragging the letters onto the stage and watching them put on a show


Trilo Music ABC is a nice app to introduce young kids to the letters of the alphabet. Its multi-sensory gameplay provides a hands-on approach and makes learning enjoyable. Great-looking graphics and clear narration make the app a joy to use. Recommended.

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About Trilo Interactive

Trilo Interactive AB is an education app development company based in Sweden. Trilo's mission is to use apps and educational technology to creatively engage children and foster their love of learning during their most formative years of schooling.

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