Kids Learn About Seed Dispersal and How Plants Grow in Bloom by Megalearn

Learn the different ways plants disperse seeds in Bloom by Megalearn

Learn the different ways plants disperse seeds in Bloom by Megalearn

Have you ever noticed that the same kind of plants can appear in several different places? Unlike humans and animals, plants are not very mobile. However, they do have ingenious ways to distribute their seeds over a wide area. Bloom by Megalearn is an interactive app that explores these strategies with beautifully illustrated lessons.

Help Spread the Seeds

In Bloom by Megalearn, kids explore how seeds can be distributed by animals and wind. They choose from three interactive lessons, and discover the step-by-step process of seed growth and dispersal. Each lesson highlights a different plant, so there are three plants to look into: dandelion, coconut palm, and raspberry bush.

The lessons are highly visual and self-directed. They are not timed, and only unfold as kids interact with the scenes. In one scene, kids tap to make the raspberry flowers bloom. In another scene, they drag the slider on the bottom of the screen to release the dandelion seeds into the air.

Unlike a textbook, Bloom doesn't include explanations of any kind. Kids learn by observing the little details and changes in each scene. They might notice that seeds require water and sunlight to sprout, or that a raspberry plant might sprout sucker plants.

At the end of each lesson, kids can complete a quiz to test their knowledge. The quiz consists of three multiple-choice questions, and kids earn a star for every correct answer. If they can collect three stars in every lesson, they will unlock a shiny gold badge to display on the lesson selection screen.

Parents Need to Know

Bloom by Megalearn does a wonderful job at introducing kids to the biology of plants, namely seed dispersion and growth, but it doesn't provide in-depth explanation or scientific vocabulary. You will need additional materials if you want to explore the topics further. The app doesn't include narration, so you will need to help developing readers with the quizzes.

Beyond the lack of narration, the app itself is very kid friendly. It's intuitive and simple to use, plus it doesn't contain in-app purchases or ads. It's also usable without an Internet connection.

Observe how seeds can grow into plants in various environments

Observe how seeds can grow into plants in various environments

Things I Like

Bloom is a highly visual app. You don't have to be able to read to use it, so it's accessible to a wide range of ages and abilities. It's stress-free: there is no timer or score, and the quizzes are self-correcting. The soothing background music also helps create a kid-friendly environment.

The best thing about the app is it encourages kids to explore and ask questions. Because there is no instruction, kids are in charge of their own learning. Curiosity is rewarded with delightful animations and surprises.

While Bloom doesn't offer in-depth information about the biology of plants, it makes an excellent gateway for learning more about the topic. Grown-ups can discuss with kids things like why plants need to distribute their seeds, what other dispersion methods they know, and so on.

Complete quizzes to reinforce learning

Complete quizzes to reinforce learning


Bloom by Megalearn helps kids explore the basics of seed dispersal and growth. It engages curious explorers with gorgeous visuals, and rewards them with interesting discoveries. If you want an app that promotes an interest in nature and biology, Bloom does the job well.

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