Sago Mini Planes App Gets Kids Soaring on an Airplane Adventure

Sago Mini Planes is a magical, fun-filled airplane adventure for kids

Sago Mini Planes is a magical, fun-filled airplane adventure for kids

Riding an airplane for the first time can be scary, but there is also a mix of awe and excitement as the plane lifts off into the air. Developer Sago Mini wants to recreate that magical feeling in their newest app, Sago Mini Planes.

Soar Through the Skies

In Sago Mini Planes, kids hop on an exciting flight around the world alongside their favorite Sago Mini characters. They choose from a variety of plane designs—ranging from a space shuttle to a flying bunny slipper—and drag their chosen passengers into the cockpit. Once everyone has been seated, it's time to take off!

The controls are easy: just tap anywhere on the screen, and the plane will automatically fly there. Kids can also drag the plane with their finger to pull off cool aerial stunts, like a loop-de-loop. Pro tip: to reverse the direction of the plane, do a double-tap.

As the plane cruises through the sky, there are lots to see and discover. For instance, kids can fly through a sunny beach, a lush forest, the snowy arctic, and also outer space. They can meet space cats, fly through a giant ice cream, admire the CN Tower, discover a giant beanstalk, and many more.

There are more than 40 playful moments and 6 locations to explore, so kids are sure to find something new on each flight. When they feel like trying out a new plane, they can land the current plane by guiding it to the bottom of the screen. Once the plane has landed, a photo slideshow allows kids to review all the places and things that they saw on their flight.

Parents Need to Know

Sago Mini Planes, like the other apps in the Sago Mini series, is ideal for ages five and under. The app encourages kids to explore and play without having to worry about rules or high scores. It supports multitouch, so kids can play together with their family members and friends on the same device.

The app is safe and kid-friendly: it has no in-app purchases or third-party adverts. Parents can go to the Settings app on their device to hide the "Sago News" and "For Parents" buttons on the title screen.

Fly through various locations, including the snowy arctic, and befriend magical creatures

Fly through various locations, including the snowy arctic, and befriend magical creatures

Things I Like

Sago Mini Planes is remarkably fun to play. There are a lot surprises to discover, and each one is nothing short of amusing. An obvious favorite is the farting cloud, but the rest are just as brilliant. I also love the funny faces that the Sago Mini characters make during the ride.

One thing I really like about the app is the sound design. Every Sago Mini app has great sound design, but the one in Sago Mini Planes is exceptionally good. The sound effects are a mix of real plane sounds and kid voices, which create a realistic yet playful atmosphere. The upbeat background music also captures perfectly the excitement of each plane ride.

As a bonus feature, the app can be played without Internet connection. This means you can take it with you on an actual flight or anywhere else you fancy!

Kids can also fly up into outer space

Kids can also fly up into outer space


Sago Mini Planes is fantastic for young kids who are fascinated by airplanes and flying. Not only does it have great graphics and sounds, it's also loaded with surprises that will keep kids giggling away. And as ever with Sago Mini apps, it's safe for kids. Highly recommended!

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About Sago Mini

Sago Mini is a team of designers and developers who create digital and physical toys that children love and parents trust. We build on kids' natural sense of wonder, creativity, and curiosity to create toys that are positive and fun. Sago Mini empowers kids through play.

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