Jonty the Dinosaur is the Perfect Bedtime App for the Child Who Won't Go to Sleep

Jonty the dinosaur has trouble falling asleep in bed

Jonty the dinosaur has trouble falling asleep in bed

Dealing with kids who won't go to bed can be a frustrating ordeal. Not to worry, though: there are things you can do to keep the fighting to a minimum. For example, you can try reading them a bedtime story to help them wind down and relax. A story I recommend is Jonty the Dinosaur.

Help the Dinosaur Go to Sleep

Jonty the Dinosaur is a book-app that stars Jonty, a young dinosaur who has trouble going to sleep after a busy day. It's fully interactive, so while kids read they can also help Jonty with various things. For example, they can help him fly his kite by moving the string, or block the noise from outside his bedroom by closing the window.

The story is cute and easy to follow along. It comes with four reading modes: Read to Me, Read by Myself, Auto Play, and Add to Story. In Read to Me, a narrator reads the story as kids follow along. In Read by Myself, the narration doesn't play but kids can tap on individual words to hear them read aloud. In Auto Play, the narration and animations play automatically so kids don't need to interact with the app at all to move the story along.

Add to Story is an interesting mode where kids can enhance the story by dragging and dropping animated stickers, such as rainbows or butterflies, onto the page. They can also record their own voice to replace the original narration.

Parents Need to Know

The app comes with four coloring sheets that you can print out and give to your kids to color. You can view all the coloring sheets from the main screen, and tap to select the one you'd like to print out. Note that you will need an Airplay-enabled printer to directly print from the app.

Jonty the Dinosaur is a safe app for kids. It has no third-party adverts, no in-app purchases, or links to external sites.

Jonty has a busy day

Jonty has a busy day

Things I Like

Jonty the Dinosaur is a beautiful, high-quality bedtime storybook app for toddlers and preschoolers. Even though it has many moving parts, the overall interactions feel quiet and relaxed. The default narration is calm and clear, but I appreciate that the app allows you to add your own voice recording. I also like how the background music gradually changes from upbeat to lullaby-like as the story progresses.

The story is appealing because it's easy to relate to. The things that Jonty experience throughout the story—such as feeling too hot or too cold—are all too familiar for many kids and parents who struggle with bedtime routines. The fact that kids can actively interact with the story and help Jonty go to sleep, makes it even more of a treat to read.

The fully interactive book lets kids touch things on screen to interact with them

The fully interactive book lets kids touch things on screen to interact with them


I recommend checking out Jonty the Dinosaur if you have trouble putting your kids to sleep. The app creates a calm atmosphere that helps them relax as they prepare to go to sleep. It's interactive enough to hold their attention, but it never gets too loud or distracting. Overall, it's really well done.

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