Artie's Magic Pencil Teaches Kids to Draw Using Simple Shapes

Use Artie's Magic Pencil to rebuild all the broken things

Use Artie's Magic Pencil to rebuild all the broken things

Drawing is an excellent activity to develop creativity and fine motor skills in kids. If you could do with some drawing ideas for kids, Artie's Magic Pencil is the app for you. Created by Minilab Studio and available now from the App Store, it's an interactive learning adventure that teaches kids fundamental drawing skills so they can be creative both on and off the screen.

Draw the Shapes and Save the Day

In Artie's Magic Pencil, a monster has gone rampant and destroyed everything in its way. It's now up to your kids and the titular character, Artie, to rebuild his world. Using Artie's magic pencil, they are to draw various objects with only three simple shapes: triangle, rectangle, and circle.

To start the adventure, kids move Artie along by tapping anywhere on the screen. Whenever they run into an object that needs rebuilding, a lightbulb will appear. Tapping on the lightbulb will take them to the drawing screen, where they trace along dotted lines to complete the shapes and fix the broken object. They can also decorate the finished object with their preferred colors and patterns.

There are 15 different objects that kids must rebuild, which range from simple (a tree and a house) to somewhat complex (such as a helicopter). When they have successfully completed all the objects and the storyline, they can return to and redraw any object by tapping the map in the top corner.

Parents Need to Know

Artie's Magic Pencil is suitable for kids aged 3-6. It has no text or audio instructions, however it's intuitive and simple enough for kids to figure out on their own. It's also free of third-party adverts and in-app purchases.

If your kids enjoy Artie's Magic Pencil and you'd love to extend their creative experience off screen, you can download drawing worksheets to print out for your home or classroom. To find out how you can download the worksheet, go to the secured Parents' section and tap the "Blog" link.

The app shows that you can draw anything using simple shapes

The app shows that you can draw anything using simple shapes

Things I Like

Every child is an artist but sometimes they also need a boost in the creative department. Artie's Magic Pencil gives them that boost by showing that anything can be drawn using only simple shapes. An ice cream, for example, can be made by stacking circles on top of an upside-down triangle. Though simple, the approach is effective in getting young kids to see everyday things from a new, exciting perspective.

Designed for young kids, the app has no scores or punishments to worry about. Indeed, it's more about relaxation and creative exploration. Kids can take their time to draw each stroke, and come back over and over again to any drawing they want.

In addition to helping kids develop creativity and fine motor skills,Artie's Magic Pencil also teaches important lessons about kindness and helping others. Artie is always happy to help anyone whose things need rebuilding and in return, they celebrate his victory with a fancy fireworks display. The monster never actually hurts anyone, and at the end of the story it is simply taken somewhere it won't trample all over the land.

You can customize each drawing with bright colors and fun patterns

You can customize each drawing with bright colors and fun patterns


Artie's Magic Pencil is a cute app that gets kids learning the fundamentals of drawing with a fun and interactive adventure story. Ideal for preschool-aged kids, it features colorful artwork, a cast of funny characters, and a simple and intuitive interface. Downloadable drawing worksheets allow kids to extend their creative time away from the screen.

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