Dino Tales Jr Nurtures Creativity in Children Through Storytelling, Puzzles, and More

Dino Tales Jr offers six fun mini games that are especially designed to keep young minds creative

Dino Tales Jr offers six fun mini games that are especially designed to keep young minds creative

Like a plant, creativity in kids must be nurtured in order for it to flourish. Dino Tales Jr is an interactive app designed to help young minds develop their creativity and problem solving skills. It’s packed with lots of engaging activities, such as jigsaw puzzles, storytelling, and music maker.

Explore a Jurassic Island Filled with Games

The Dino Tales Jr app opens with an island inhabited by four baby dinosaurs. You select the dinosaur you want to play with, then guide it around the island in search of food and water. Along the way, you also discover six activities for little fingers.

The first activity is making music with a dinosaur band. To start, simply tap the dinosaurs on screen. Each of the six dinosaurs plays a different sound, and you can experiment with different tunes and sounds to create your musical masterpieces.

The second activity is called the Berry Blaster. In this activity, you color your dinosaur with berry juice and decorate their skin with various patterns. Once you’re happy with how your dinosaur looks, you can tap on the camera icon to save a snapshot to your Camera Roll.

Next, you create your own dinosaur stories in the Movie Theater. The app will show three short video clips, which you narrate with your own words. The process is recorded automatically by the app, and the resulting movie is saved to your Camera Roll for sharing with family and friends.

In the fourth activity, you can find a selection of dinosaur adventure books. Each book is read aloud by a narrator with the words highlighted. Additionally, the stories are written in rhyme and are the perfect length for beginning readers.

The fifth activity is the petting zoo. In this activity, you teach your dinosaurs to perform various tricks by moving your fingers on screen. For example, you drag your finger horizontally across the screen to tell your dinosaurs to roll over. You can also make your dinosaur lift one foot by swiping your finger upwards.

Finally, the sixth activity you can find in the app is jigsaw puzzles. Choose the picture you want to make, then drag the puzzle pieces to their respective spots. The puzzles have varying difficulty levels, ranging from 6 to 12 pieces.

Parents Need to Know

Dino Tales Jr is suitable for kids ages 5 and under. It has been designed to encourage young creative thinkers through well-designed activities. The app has no third-party adverts or in-app purchases, and can be used without an Internet connection.

A feature that parents need to know is the secured Parent Corner. Here, you can get help on how to play the game, and sign up for email notifications when your child has created a new Tale. You can also set the length of tie your child plays the game: short (10 minutes), medium (20 minutes), long (30 minutes), or unlimited. Once the time limit is up, age verification is required to play again.

In the Reading section, kids will find a selection of adventure books suitable for beginning readers

In the Reading section, kids will find a selection of adventure books suitable for beginning readers

Things I Like

Dino Tales Jr combines a colorful, jurassic-themed world with lots of fun activities to keep young kids active and sharp. Each activity is appealing on its own, but the movie theater is especially brilliant. The fact that stories can be played back after each recording really allows kids to review their storytelling skills. It’s also a great way for them to show off their stories to others and build their confidence.

Another activity that I really like is reading the dinosaur books. The stories are not only nicely written, but also educational in the subtlest ways. For example, one book teaches kids about numbers by counting the things they see around them.

Customize your dinosaur with different colors and patterns

Customize your dinosaur with different colors and patterns


Overall, Dino Tales Jr is a fantastic app for young kids. With six well-designed activities, the app will keep kids’ creative juices flowing and help them develop their skills in listening, reading, music, and problem solving. Kids also get to develop a sense of empathy by taking care of cute baby dinosaurs. Highly recommended for ages 5 and under.

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