Play Holiday Games for Kids in Nampa Holiday

Kids can travel by plane, play in the water, and build sandcastles in the Nampa Holiday app

Kids can travel by plane, play in the water, and build sandcastles in the Nampa Holiday app

Holidays are always a blast but getting to your holiday destination is a different story, especially if you have small kids in tow. The next time you set off on a long trip, be sure to load the Nampa Holiday app on your iPad so that you can entertain your kids on the go.

The latest addition to the Nampa app family, Nampa Holiday offers a series of activities that keep kids giggling away. Each activity is based the things that people do on a holiday, and is filled with colorful and funny animations.

Let’s Go on a Holiday with Nampa Characters

To begin their memorable trip in Nampa Holiday, kids choose from three methods of transport: airplane, bus, or train. Each selection will bring them to a different activity. If they choose the airplane, for example, they fly it through the sky in different speeds. If they choose the bus, they paint it with different colors and stickers before setting off on the road to pick up all the Nampa characters. And if they choose the train, they navigate it through a maze of tracks.

Whichever method of transportation kids choose, they always end up at the sunny holiday destination filled with five fun activities: choosing an outfit for the beach, swimming, banana boats, building sandcastles, and water slides. Each activity has been designed to be simple enough for little fingers while providing maximum amount of giggles. For example, while swimming kids can spin and flick the Nampa characters around the screen to pop the colorful beach balloons.

In the Nampa Holiday app, kids decide how they want to play. If they want, they can go directly to the holiday destination mini game. They simply tap the button at the top right when opening the app. Similarly, they can go back to the travel games by tapping the same button while in the games.

Parents Need to Know

Like other apps in the Nampa series, there are no rules or scores in Nampa Holiday. And each activity, however played, always ends in disco dancing. It’s always fun to watch the Nampa characters shake their hips under the disco ball, and the music is nice as well.

The app has an easy to use, child-friendly interface that makes it suitable for kids under 5 years old. There is no text or speech in the app so kids don’t need to read or speak English to play. Each game has been designed to be as intuitive as possible, however if the screen is left idle for too long a tooltip will appear to show kids where to tap or drag.

The app has no in-app purchases or third-party adverts. There is a secured section accessible from the main screen, which contains instructions on how to play and options for turning off the app’s sounds. All the contents of the app are included with the initial download so no Internet connection is needed to play.

Pick a method of travel, then navigate the roads to get to the destination

Pick a method of travel, then navigate the roads to get to the destination

Things I Like

If disco dancing makes your kids laugh, they will love Nampa Holiday. The activities in the app are just downright silly and will keep kids happy even on gloomy, wet days. What’s even nicer is that kids can display their creativity even while having fun, by building sandcastles or coloring the Nampa bus.

If you are planning a holiday in the near future, Nampa Holiday can help your kids prepare themselves for the commotion. At the very least, they will know that they need to travel to get to the holiday destination. The app also makes for excellent entertainment while on the road.

Each game, however played, always ends in disco dancing

Each game, however played, always ends in disco dancing


With holiday-themed activities and colorful animations, Nampa Holiday will put your kids in a happy mood for the rest of summer. The app is easy to use and a lot of fun to play, plus it has great music and disco dancing. Definitely worth checking out if you have a toddler in the house.

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