Kids Learn About Trail Safety in Camping with Grandpa

In Camping with Grandpa, kids can brush up on their outdoor skills and learn about trail safety

In Camping with Grandpa, kids can brush up on their outdoor skills and learn about trail safety

Camping with kids is a great and inexpensive way to take a break from the busy city life and gain a new appreciation for nature. It also provides you with an opportunity to bond with your kids (and your inner child).

That said, camping with kids requires lots of planning and practice. If your family members are first-time campers, you might want to brush up on your survival skills and pick up some safety tips. Camping with Grandpa offers to teach kids about important outdoor skills through well-designed mini games.

Take a Hike

In Camping with Grandpa, kids join Grandpa on a hiking and camping adventure. They get to choose a trail, learn to read a compass, discover flora and fauna along the camping trail, identifying animal tracks, and play tent games. There are seven games in all, each with a unique mechanic.

Between the games, kids can participate in fun extras such as roasting marshmallows, making s’mores and hotdogs, and dousing the campfire before going to bed. They also get to watch fascinating videos about real-life camping experiences. At the end of each game, kids can earn various rewards such as their very own wilderness patches or a high five from Grandpa.

In this mini game, kids guess which animal leaves the track on the ground

In this mini game, kids guess which animal leaves the track on the ground

The Games

The games in Camping in Grandpa have been arranged in a way to illustrate a day of camping. First, kids help Grandpa choose which items to take on the hike: a whistle, a compass, a trash bin, or a violin? Each correct selection will be put into the backpack while the incorrect items will be removed.

Next, kids choose which of the four trails they want to take. Kids then read a compass to decide how to get to the desired trail. Do they go north or south, east or west?

Once they have arrived at the trail, kids can enjoy the view while learning more about the flora and fauna. Grandpa will ask them to point out a specific plant or animal, for example, all the willows or all the white birch trees. They also get to help different animals get to the foods they eat by drawing a trail with their finger.

The next activity is to identify tracks left by an animal. Kids use their finger to draw tracks in the sand, then guess which of the four animals made the tracks. Then, it’s off to the campsite.

At the campsite, kids can help Grandpa prepare dinner by roasting the marshmallows to make s’mores or the sausages to make hotdogs. They then douse the fire before going back into the tent.

Inside the tent, Grandpa is making shadows on the tent wall. Kids must guess which item makes the shadow. They then move on to the next game, which involves finding all the words in the box. After watching a brief real-action video, kids choose a stuffed toy and finally go to bed.

Parents Need to Know

Camping with Grandpa is designed for kids ages 6-8 to learn about outdoor and survival skills, wildlife, and eco-awareness. It also helps kids expand their camping vocabulary through specially designed mini games.

Like past Grandma and Grandpa apps, Camping with Grandpa allows you to customize the activities in the app for your child’s level or preference. You can go to the Settings page from the main screen and select which activities you want to include in the game. It’s a useful feature if you want your child to focus on a specific skill set.

Camping with Grandpa doesn’t require an Internet connection. It doesn’t contain third-party advertising and no in-app purchases either. You will find links to the developer’s other apps, but they are secured behind a parental gate.

The app includes real-life videos about camping experience

The app includes real-life videos about camping experience

Things I Like

Having tried most of the apps in the Grandma and Grandpa series, I can say that they always get better with new releases. Camping with Grandpa is just fantastic: it’s gorgeous, easy to use, and educational. It also focuses on life skills that can be applied in real-world contexts — a feature that you don’t always find in other apps.

The activities in Camping with Grandpa have been designed to balance fun and learning. Whether it’s a simple “Good job!” or an interactive high-five, the app is full of encouragements to keep kids motivated. It also has plenty of humor throughout; for example, on your hike you might see Grandma in her silly costumes hiding in plain sight.

The app has plenty of silly moments as usual, such as Grandma popping up from behind the bushes in a silly costume

The app has plenty of silly moments as usual, such as Grandma popping up from behind the bushes in a silly costume


If your child loves the great outdoors or if they just enjoy adventures in general, they will have a blast in Camping with Grandpa. They’ll love the outdoor-themed mini games, interesting videos, and Grandpa’s silly antics. On the other hand, grown-ups will appreciate how the app teaches kids about practical life skills, trail safety, and wildlife. A must-have for ages 6+.

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About Fairlady Media

Fairlady Media is committed to developing high-quality family-friendly and educational games that provide excellent entertainment value. They are known best for their lovable and mentoring Grandma and Grandpa apps. Their games are created by an Educational Psychologist and parents, and they are tested extensively by children.

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