Introduce Your Kids to Platformer Games with Fun-Fair

I love platformer games. They usually have a good storyline, a beautiful world design, puzzles to solve, and a really fun gameplay. That’s why I was excited to play Fun-Fair, a new game that introduces the platformer genre to younger kids who are still learning how to spell common words, such as “ball” and “hamburger”.

Explore the Levels and Save Johnny’s Girlfriend

The game starts with a brief comic strip showing how little Johnny Cash’s girlfriend was kidnapped by the Sweets Maker who controls the Fun-Fair. Hopping on his little hover car, Johnny goes on an adventure traveling around the fantastic Fun-Fair, exploring each attraction, overcoming obstacles, and collecting tickets in an attempt to save his girlfriend.

You start by playing the first level. In each level, the Sweet Maker shows up to challenge you to build a specific word. The letters that build that word are scattered throughout the Fun Fair, and you need to collect them in order to complete the level.

To control Johnny Cash, you use a simplified L-R touch control and an action button. The action button is usually used to make Johnny’s hover car jump, but it can also be used for contextual actions such as opening a pyramid or pushing a switch.

Each attraction in the Fun-Fair offers a variety of puzzles for you to solve. When you complete an attraction, you will unlock the next one. The game gets more difficult as you go through more attractions. Try to get to the final attraction, and beat the boss.

Parents Need to Know

Based on its difficulty, Fun-Fair is suitable for kids ages 4+. The controls are easy to reach, and the possibility of failing is minimal. All you need to do is to avoid the monsters by jumping over them, and prevent yourself from falling into the waters. Each time you fail, you’d automatically get another chance at the game for the cost of five tickets.

Fun-Fair can be played without an Internet connection. It doesn’t have any in-app purchases, third-party ads, or links to social network. It works especially well if your kids are learning how to spell.

Things I Like

Since the days of Super Mario Bros., I’ve always loved puzzle platformer games. And I’m happy that two of my sons — age 6 and age 4 — share my love of the genre. That’s why Fun-Fair is a perfect fit for us.

The game has a map that can show you how far you’ve come. It also has a way for you to collect tickets and use them for extra life or new colors for your hover car. And the more you play the game, the more items you can unlock in your room.

Other than these, I also appreciate the game learning curve. I think it’s well designed. Except for the level where you have to ride boats for almost the entire level, younger kids should be able to play on their own and continue with the storyline.


Fun-Fair is a fun introduction to puzzle platformer games for younger kids ages 4+. It has most of the things that you’d find in classic platformer games, such as an adventurous storyline, jumping mechanics, and secrets to discover. If you want your kids to love platformer games in the near future, you should definitely let them try this game.

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