Poppetto Dress Up is a Strategic Multiplayer Game for Kids and Grown-Ups

Poppetto Dress Up is a strategic multiplayer game for up to four players

Poppetto Dress Up is a strategic multiplayer game for up to four players

Gaming is more fun together. That’s why we love finding games for kids that can be played together on the same device. A couple of multiplayer games that we’ve been loving recently are Hang Art, Fun on the Farm, and Poppetto Dress Up. The game mentioned last is the one I’ll be reviewing today.

Poppetto Dress Up is a strategic game for up to 4 people. At the beginning of the game, each player is given a “poppet” with mismatched clothes. The goal of the game is to fix this wardrobe malfunction by collecting all the items for a complete costume: a headgear, a dress/robe, an accessory, and a pair of shoes.

During their turn, each player picks an item from their opponent’s closet to replace the one they have. The replaced item is then collected into the laundry basket in the middle. It will stay there until there aren’t enough items in the closets anymore, in which case it will be put back into play. A player who has an item taken from her will receive a new item at random.

The challenge lies in making effective choices that will maximize your chances to get the items you want, especially because you won’t know what items will spawn in your opponent’s closet until you open it. You also have to factor in the possibility of your opponent going after the same clothing set as you. So even though the game is simple, it does require you to think ahead and plan your moves.

Poppetto Dress Up can be played alone against AI opponents, or with up to three friends on the same device. Before starting a game, you can select the difficulty level (easy-medium-hard) and the clothing set to use (Set 1, Set 2, or mixed). Clothing Set 1 includes 8 fairytale-themed costumes (pirate, king, princess, etc), while Set 2 has seasonal costumes (bunny, bear, robot, snowman, etc). Additionally, you can select the app’s language to be in French or English.

What I love about the app is its hidden depths. Understanding the rules of the game is easy, but mastering it takes a little more practice. It isn’t very demanding strategically, but it’s a nice, light game that could help kids develop logical thinking. It’s also quite enjoyable to play for grown-ups.

Choose from several clothing sets to play with

Choose from several clothing sets to play with

My only gripe is that the UI is not exactly the most intuitive. Fortunately there aren’t many controls to fiddle with, so I’m willing to overlook the not-so-optimum design in favor of the interesting gameplay. I do wish that a mechanic of some sort is implemented to make it harder for players to accidentally quit the game mid-way; perhaps by requiring a double tap to exit.

All in all, Poppetto Dress Up is a fun, light strategy game for ages 4+ to play together. It isn’t as complex as full-fledged board games, but it makes a nice gateway to more serious games. At under a dollar it’s great value for money, plus it has no third-party advertising and no in-app purchases. If you’re looking for a multiplayer iPad game that the whole family can enjoy together, Poppetto Dress Up is worth checking out.

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