Carl Can Divide Helps Kids Learn Division Facts in a Fun Way

Help Carl the fish solve math problems along the sea floor

Help Carl the fish solve math problems along the sea floor

Math facts are important because they are the building blocks for higher-level math concepts. When kids master their math facts, they can concentrate on problem solving instead of getting lost in calculations.

Memorizing math facts is not easy, but there are ways to make the task less daunting. Carl Can Divide is a learning game that has been developed to help kids review their times table. With well-designed levels and lots of encouragement, it engages even the most reluctant learner.

Swipe the Bubbles

In Carl Can Divide, kids brush up their division facts by helping Carl the fish solve math problems along the ocean floor. They swipe the floating bubbles to divide them evenly by a given number, and rack up points to reach the goal. When they have completed a level, they can collect a prize from Carl’s friend Amy.

To begin, kids first select a divisor, for example, “10”. Once the journey has begun, bubbles will float up from the bottom of the screen. Kids must then try to swipe all the bubbles containing numbers that are evenly divisible by the number they selected. So if the selected divisor is 10, they might swipe the numbers 20, 40, or 60.

Swiping a correct bubble will yield points, but missing too many correct bubbles or swiping an incorrect number will cause the “bad guys” to approach Carl. When the bad guys come too near, the game is over and kids must try again. At the end of the game, a summary screen provides feedback on frequently missed and incorrect numbers.

In all, there are 13 levels that cover the times table up to 12, square roots, and prime numbers. The levels have increasing difficulty, and can only be unlocked one at a time. Unlocked levels can be played repeatedly.

Overall, the game is easy to learn and play. But if kids are unsure, they can always review the tutorial.

Parents Need to Know

Carl Can Divide has been designed to help ages 10+ quickly recall division facts. Each level lasts only a few minutes, but repetition ensures that the player has thoroughly reviewed each times table. The progressive difficulty level allows players to be constantly challenged without feeling overwhelmed.

One thing I noted is the arrangement of the levels, which is as follows: ÷10, ÷5, ÷2, ÷11, ÷4, ÷9, ÷3, ÷6, ÷8, ÷7, ÷12, square root, and finally prime numbers. Notice that they are structured in a way to make memorizing the next division group so much easier. Of course the 10s is the easiest group to memorize and once you have it pat down, it isn’t so difficult to master the 5s. The same principle applies to the 2s and the 4s, and also the 9s and the 3s.

Carl Can Divide has two versions available on the App Store: full and free/trial. The full version, which we had, contains all the levels and no in-app purchases. On the other hand, the trial version offers limited gameplay with a one-time in-app purchases to unlock the full game. Neither versions contain advertising.

At the end of every game, kids can review their performance so they will know where to improve

At the end of every game, kids can review their performance so they will know where to improve

Things I Like

Obviously, Carl Can Divide is so much more exciting than flash cards. As a learning game, it hits all the right notes: a stimulating gameplay with clear learning curves, easy-to-learn mechanics, lots of rewards to keep kids going, plus entertaining graphics and sound effects. It also has elements of competition, such as high scores and Game Center achievements, which is suitable given its target audience.

The one flaw I found is that the report feature didn’t work when I tried it. It isn’t a deal breaker for me, but it is disappointing. I’m not sure if the issue is exclusively mine, but I hope it will be addressed in future updates.

(Update: as of v2.0, the report feature has been working correctly.)

Collect prizes by completing levels and use them to decorate Carl's room

Collect prizes by completing levels and use them to decorate Carl's room


Carl Can Divide features an engaging gameplay, challenging levels, and silly rewards that makes memorizing math facts less of a chore. This easy-to-use app can also be played in short sessions, allowing kids to play on the go. If you have been looking for an app to help your kids build confidence in their math skills, you might want to check out Carl Can Divide.

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