Toca Dance Gets Kids Creating Their Own Dance Routines

Form your dance squad and choreograph your perfect dance routine in Toca Dance

Form your dance squad and choreograph your perfect dance routine in Toca Dance

Dancing is a form of self expression accessible to everyone. Children are especially fond of dancing, and many parents would testify that dancing brings out a special kind of joy in their tots. It is this spirit of dance that developer Toca Boca tries to capture in their new app, Toca Dance.

Dance the Night Away

As you might have suspected from the name, in Toca Dance children can direct their own dance performance. At the beginning of the app, they pick up to three dancers by scrolling through the posters. A variety of characters can be selected: boys and girls, and even anthropomorphic animals. Children can also outfit their dancers in wild costumes ranging from tracksuits to animal onesies to food.

Next, the dancers are ushered to the studio where the dance instructor, Ebi, awaits. Children can control Ebi with their fingers, and the dancer will mirror their every move. The moves are stored in the colored circles at the top of the screen, which can be arranged to create the perfect dance routine. Children can also change the soundtrack by tapping the record at the bottom.

Once the dancers have their moves pat down, it’s off to the stage with them. Children can customize the backdrop and add special effects, such as pyrotechnics, confetti, and smoke. They can also change the dancer’s appearances by controlling their head and body size.

To start the show, children simply need to press play. At the end of the performance, they will have the option to save the routine as a video. They can then save the video to Camera Roll.

Parents Need to Know

Toca Dance allows your child to save their dance performance, stage effects and all, as a video. They can also export the video to the device’s Camera Roll so that they can share it with family and friends. If storage is a concern, you can turn off the export video feature from your device’s Settings menu.

Like all Toca Boca apps, Toca Dance features an open gameplay with no rules and no time limit. The child-friendly app also has no third-party advertising and no in-app purchases. No Internet connection is required to play.

Pick weird costumes, hats, and accessories for your dancers

Pick weird costumes, hats, and accessories for your dancers

Things I Like

It is clear from the start that Toca Dance carries Toca Boca’s signature style: wacky, vibrant, and accessible to everyone regardless of gender and age. There is plenty to like about the app, from the bizarre costume selection to the amusing stage effects. I am still laughing at the ability to enlarge or reduce the dancers’ heads and bodies (thus creating a bobblehead effect). Whoever put in that feature deserves an award.

The design of the app makes it easy to choreograph an entertaining performance. Touches are translated smoothly into dance moves, and you can use up to three fingers to control multiple limbs at the same time. It’s a shame that you can’t control the dancer’s feet to make them kick or spin, but you can still design some fun routines.

An important part of dance is the music, and Toca Dance has a diverse selection of soundtracks from electro to J-Pop. All songs have the same tempo, so you can change songs without having to rearrange your entire choreograph. There are only 5 soundtracks at the time of writing, but the developer plans to add more in the future.

Set the stage with cool backdrops and special effects, then save your performance as a video to share with family and friends

Set the stage with cool backdrops and special effects, then save your performance as a video to share with family and friends


Children of all ages will enjoy choreographing their own dance routines in Toca Dance. This creative app is truly fun to play with vibrant graphics, zany characters, and catchy soundtracks. As bonus, a record feature allows children to capture their performances to share with family and friends.

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