Blast into Space with This Is My Spacecraft App

This is my Spacecraft allows kids to dive into the world of space science

This is my Spacecraft allows kids to dive into the world of space science

Ever since Yuri Gagarin ventured into space 50 years ago, mankind has continued pushing the boundaries of space travel. We have built numerous spaceships and even landed on the moon, but have you ever wondered how we did it? This is my Spacecraft lets inquisitive young minds explore the fascinating world of space science through fun animations and interactions.

Explore the World of Space Science

In This is my Spacecraft, children freely explore interactive models to learn various topics pertaining to outer space, particularly space travel. There are six main sections that can be accessed from the bar on the left side of the screen: Astronaut, Rocket, Spacecraft, Space Station, Solar System, and Universe. Children can also select a character to become their “best friend” as they spend a day in space.

In Astronaut, children learn what it takes to be an astronaut. They are also able to dress their friend in a space suit, and take a picture of an item they would take to space with them. Rocket lets them learn about rocket propulsion and the parts of a lunar module. They also get to put together their own rocket, and record their voice in a countdown for a rocket launch.

In Spacecraft, children learn the difference between space shuttles and rockets. They also program a safe path for the shuttle to reach the space station, by placing illustrations along a command line. The Space Station allows children to explore how astronauts live and work in space. Here, they can learn how basic activities, such as sleeping and eating, are performed in zero gravity.

Solar System discloses facts about our solar system and its planets. Among others, children can learn the distance between each planet are from the sun, the phases of the moon, and the Earth’s structure. Finally, the Universe gives children a glimpse of how vast and old the universe is. This section also covers several famous figures who have contributed to the field of astronomy, as well as a list of animals and people who have gone to outer space.

Parents Need to Know

Like the other apps in the series, This is my Spacecraft includes voiceover by children. This not only engages young learners but also enables them to follow along even if they are not able to read yet. The interface is easy-to-use, and there are no rules or levels so children can feed their curiosity as much as they like.

This is my Spacecraft contains no in-app purchases and no third-party advertising. There is an Info section which contains links to the developer’s site and to the App Store, however they are secured with a simple math problem. Grown-ups can supposedly download a handbook to extend the learning process offline, but at the moment it has not been made available yet on the developer’s website.

Kids can dress their avatar in a space suit and travel to space in a rocket

Kids can dress their avatar in a space suit and travel to space in a rocket

Things I Like

Budding scientists will find This is my Spacecraft a fun introduction to space travel and astronomy. The app has a good amount of content structured in a way so that they are easy to digest. It is also nicely illustrated, with fun interactions here and there to keep children engaged in learning. I like that you can customize the app in small but still meaningful ways, like choosing your astronaut buddy or taking a photo of what you’d bring to space.

A feature that is sure to get children all riled up is recording your own spaceflight launch narration. Recreating each step in the command center, they will feel like real space scientists. Also intriguing is figuring out how astronauts live and perform various tasks in space, such as cutting their hair. These well-designed interactions are sure to pique a child’s interest in astronomy, and STEM in general.

A fun feature in the app is the ability to record your own voice to recreate a spaceship launch

A fun feature in the app is the ability to record your own voice to recreate a spaceship launch


If you’re looking to introduce your child to space travel and outer space, This is my Spacecraft is worth a look. Made for children, but just as interesting for grown-ups, the app covers a myriad of topics from rocket propulsion to our solar system. Yet it is far from boring, thanks to memorable interactions that make learning a delight.

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